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Pittsburgh, PA eBay Sellers Meetup Groups

Steel City eBay, Amazon & eCommerce Sellers Group

Members: 100 eCommerce Sellers

Sponsors: Bubblefast, AYPToday

Located in: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Pittsburgh PA eBay Sellers Meetup Groups

This group is for anyone who sells on eBay, Amazon, FBA or Etsy.  Everyone is welcome from the newest sellers to the most experienced, we can all learn from each other. The objectives are to have fun while socializing and learning with other people who get “it” (eCommerce that is!).  While eBay was where we started we welcome Amazon, FBA and Etsy sellers as well.  The point of these meetings is to discuss and learn about eCommerce wherever you do it.  You will feel comfortable and understood by others who do what you do.  I promise no one in the room will look at you funny when you say you “do eBay” or you sell on Amazon or Etsy.

Is there anything better than connecting with people who share your same passions? That’s what can happen at an eBay Meetup group near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Find support, encouragement, and a lot of fun by joining an eBay seller meetup group near Pittsburgh, PA.

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