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Renton, WA eBay Sellers Meetup Groups

Eastside eCommerce Group

Members: 49 Eastside Sellers


Located in: Renton, Washington

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Renton WA eBay Sellers Meetup GroupsI want to create a group for people like me who sell on eBay and on other Online Websites to get together for networking and to exchange ideas, tips and advice from other sellers who live on the Eastside of Seattle. Being an online seller does not mean you have to do it alone!  This group is a non-competitive, relaxed and fun place to come ask questions and to tell your online experience/stories both good or bad. I believe there is plenty for everyone and sharing ideas and experiences can be helpful especially to newer sellers! We also try to support each other to do our best and to list and sell! I hope you will join us for our weekly meeting.

Is there anything better than connecting with people who share your same passions? That’s what can happen at an eBay Meetup group near Renton, Washington. Find support, encouragement, and a lot of fun by joining an eBay seller meetup group near Renton, WA.

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