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Winter Springs, FL eBay Sellers Meetup Groups

Storeborn Artists, Entrepreneurs & Innovators

Members: 40 Creators


Located in: Winter Springs, Florida

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Winter Springs FL eBay Sellers Meetup Groups 2The Storeborn Artists, Entrepreneurs & Innovators Group welcomes all who are interested in the knowledge, exploration, collaboration, and creation of artwork, products, services and businesses of all kinds. Our mission is to assemble an ambitious group of people who are enthusiastic about creation and dream of a life outside the mundane 9-5 job. If you’ve ever wanted to write a children’s book, build a drone business, start an online store, build a vintage furniture company, sell on eBay, or just yearn to be a part of the artist and maker community, come and join us. We believe art, design, craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and innovation go hand in hand and realize how incredible it will be to collaborate and reach new heights within ourselves and our goals. The only question that remains is… When will your STORE be BORN?

Is there anything better than connecting with people who share your same passions? That’s what can happen at an eBay Meetup group near Winter Springs, Florida. Find support, encouragement, and a lot of fun by joining an eBay seller meetup group near Winter Springs, FL.

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