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Danica Patrick Retirement Pictures: Hotest Selling on eBay

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Danica Patrick Pictures: Hotest Selling on eBay

It’s no secret that selling pictures and memorabilia of retired or deceased celebrities is often very profitable. Recently, we found that Danica Patrick retirement pictures and memorabilia are selling very well.

Danica Patrick Pics & Memorablilia

Many racing enthusiasts and collectors are using eBay as a place to find new and unique items. Also, many are selling their posters, pictures, shirts, and more to grow or fund their collections.

Therefore, if you find Danica Patrick retirement memorabilia you should definitely look it up on eBay to see if it’s worth selling.

With that said, you might be wondering, “who is Danica Patrick and why should I care”?

Who is Danica Patrick?

Danica Patrick




Aspen Dental

Danica Patrick is an American former professional racing driver. She is the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing. In fact, her victory in the 2008 Indy Japan 300 is the only win by a woman in an IndyCar Series race.

Danica Patrick’s Nascar Career

Patrick began racing stock cars in 2010 in the NASCAR Nationwide Series (now Xfinity Series). Her best result came in the form of a fourth-place finish at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

Additionally, she placed a career-high tenth in the 2012 season standings. Also, she was the second woman to clinch a pole position in the Nationwide Series.

Additionally, Patrick started in the Sprint Cup Series (now Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series) in 2012. She became the first woman to win a Cup Series pole position.

Also, Patrick bested Janet Guthrie’s record for the most top-ten finishes by a woman in the Sprint Cup Series in 2015.

Danica Patrick Retirement

In 2017, she announced her intention to step away from full-time racing after the season. In 2018, Danica Patrick finished out her career by competing in the Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500.

Source: Wikipedia

Danica Patrick Images: Hot eBay Sold Results

As an illustration, you’ll find many Danica Patrick pictures, dicast cars, shirts, and autographed memorabilia in eBay sold results.

Here are a few screen shots showing sold items and the prices. Therefore, if you have Danica Patrick retirement gear to sell, check out these out!

Danica Patrick Hot Wheels Car – $45

Click to view larger

Danica Patrick GoDaddy Dicast Car – $179.99

Click to view larger

Danica Patrick Used GoDaddy Jacket – $78

Click to view larger

Danica Patrick Bikini Historical Prices

We were curious to see how prices have changed from before Danica Patrick retirement to now. Below is a screenshot from the Terapeak Product Research 2.0 tool showing stats from August to December 2017 for “danica patrick bikini”.

As can be seen below, the average price was $9.35 and total sales of $776.43 for Danica Patrick bikini pictures.

Click to view larger

Next, we looked at historical stats for January to May 2018 because we wanted to see if the price increased with her final races. As you can see, the results slightly increased to an average price of $12.53 and total sales of $927.29.

Moreover, we expect the prices to continue to increase after Danica Patrick retirement and she enters into other business ventures.

Click to view larger

Danica Patrick’s Success

According to Wikipedia….

She has been a magazine cover model for FHM and Sports Illustrated and ranked highly on beauty lists for female athletes. Additionally, people magazine named her one of the most beautiful people in the world in 2006.

The following year, Patrick was voted the sexiest athlete in the Victoria’s Secret “What is Sexy” list. She was voted No. 42 in 2006 in FHM’s 100 sexiest women in the world.

In an interview with Fox News in 2012, Patrick objected to being labelled a sex symbol: “People don’t know how to describe women in a pretty way. Do you call Blake Griffin a sex symbol because he was on the cover of Men’s Health with his shirt off? People just don’t know what to call women who look attractive.”

However, she expressed a different view five years later. She said she felt “awesome” about being a sex symbol: “The exposure that was generated because of being female and using my attributes — it works.”

Danica Patrick: Celebrity Rankings

Also, Patrick has featured on sports power and popularity lists. In addition, Bloomberg Businessweek ranked her the 50th and 88th most powerful person in the world of sports. Time magazine named her a candidate for the 100 most influential people in the world in 2009 and 2010.

Additionally, she has been highly ranked in the Davie-Brown Index for several years. She peaked at number eight among female athletes in 2010.

Also, Patrick was the Harris Poll’s favorite female athlete in 2008. She placed second behind tennis player Serena Williams in 2007 and again from 2013 to 2015. Between 2007 and 2013, she appeared on Forbes’ list of the 100 highest paid celebrities four times.

She ranked in the bottom quartile and was 93rd on the magazine’s The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women list in 2010. Her endorsement deals generated a Q Score—the industry’s measure of celebrities’ likability—peak of 29 in 2010.

Danica Patrick Autograph Memorabilia

If you search for “danica patrick autograph” on eBay sold listings, you will find a lot of high dollar results. Therefore, check to see if you have something with her autograph in your own collection.

Also, watch for sales and auctions for an opportunity to resell Danica Patrick autograph. You should definitely pick it up because many are collecting Danica Patrick retirement memorabilia. Below are a few screen shots of current sold results.

Danica Patrick Retirement: What She’s Doing Now

In November 2017, Danica Patrick announced that she would retire, ending her career with the 2018 Daytona 500 and the Indianapolis 500. She has now shifted her focus to entrepreneur and business owner.

Since Danica Patrick retirement, she has since launched a clothing line – Warrior by Danica Patrick. She also authored the fitness book Pretty Intense. Additionally, she is the sole proprietor of a vineyard in California that produces Somnium Wine.

Warrior by Danica Patrick

In Warrior by Danica Patrick active wear, every woman is a warrior. Take the first step toward getting active by dressing for success. This can motivate you and help you to meet your fitness goals.

Breathable, comfortable clothing encourages freedom of movement and doesn’t hold you back from pushing harder. Moreover, even if you only buy a few pieces of athleisure wear, comfort and movement are essential.

In reality, professional race car driver and model Danica Patrick knows what it means to work out with a vengeance. Therefore, she designed her athletic line accordingly.

Additionally, you could wear regular active leggings to the gym or the grocery store. It never hurts to have workout gear that does double-duty.

Therefore, stock up on T-shirts and gear so you can shed layers as you participate in strenuous exercises. Additionally, get tank tops that support your chest and try out the roomy tops and bottoms.

Pretty Intense Book

Everything Danica Patrick does is Pretty Intense. A top athlete in her field, a fan favorite and the first woman to rule in her male-dominated sport. Therefore, Danica approaches every aspect of life with the utmost intensity.

Now, she shows you how you can apply her daily principles and transform your life–and have fun while doing it.Danica’s 90-day high-intensity workout is a protein-rich, paleo-inspired eating plan. Her mental-conditioning program will get you leaner and healthier than ever before. Her strategy mixes full-body training and stretching exercises.

Therefore, her accessible workouts hit the holy trinity of fitness: strength, endurance, and flexibility. Bolstered by a customized eating plan, her program will also help you cultivate a mindset for limitless success.

Moreover, you will learn to aim your sights high, confront challenges, and cross the finish line every time. Whether your goal is a stronger core or a promotion at work, Danica’s plan will help you reach your potential.

How old is Danica Patrick?

Many people have been asking “how old is Danica Patrick”?

According to wikipedia, Danica was born on March 25th, 1982 in Beloit, Wisconsin. This is make Danica Patrick 36 years old as of 2018.

I also asked Google, “how old is Danica Patrick?” and the answer came up the same.

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