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Do Pay By the Pound Thrift Stores Sell Furniture?

If you’re looking for a great deal on furniture, you’re probably wondering where the best stores are to find the lowest prices.

So do pay by the pound thrift stores sell furniture? If you’re looking for discounted furniture, pay by the pound thrift stores and Goodwill Outlet stores are the places to go. Depending on how big the store is, there could be a lot of great deals or they might only have a small selection. Prices are usually greatly discounted!

If you plan on buying furniture from a pay by the pound store, there are a few things you need think about.

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Buying Furniture at Pay by the Pound Stores

Whether you’re looking to get a good deal on a piece of furniture or you’re someone who likes to repurpose and bring old items back to life, a pay by the pound thrift stores is a great place to find a deal.

Furniture Prices

While furniture at pay by the pound stores are not charged by the pound, they are individually priced at huge discounts. Every store will be different, but you could get a couch for $5-10, end tables and coffee tables for $5, etc.


Keep in mind that the condition of these items may not be the best. Most of the furniture I’ve seen at pay by the pound stores are in need of some repair. However, if you’re willing to put some time into it, you might be able to fix them up into something really nice.

Cash and Carry

Pretty much all pay by the pounds stores have cash and carry policy. Any piece you buy has to be removed from the store at the time of purchase, they will not hold it for you. That said, be prepared to have a vehicle that can haul the piece of furniture you want to buy.

Trash to Treasure Ideas from Pay by the Pound Stores

Here are some really fun ideas, courtesy of Pinterest, for furniture pieces that you could get from pay by the pound thrift stores and upcycle into beautiful furniture.

The super ugly cedar chest got a second chance when some one fixed it up by sanding down the bad areas and re-nailing other areas, replacing the casters with wooden feet, replacing the ugly wood board and re-upholstering over it, painting the whole thing, and oiling the cedar lining inside.

This vintage night stands/end tables got a really simple face lift with just a little sanding and paint and they look like a whole new set of tables.

It’s really neat how this dresser was turned into a little bench with a lot of drawers left in tact for storage. This would make a great piece for a entryway, kitchen, or bedroom sitting area!

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