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eBay #BOLO Items You Don’t Want to Miss!

A lot of people have been effected by the slow sales on eBay as of recent. In our post about how to stay motivated during times like this, we talked about going picking and connecting with other sellers to see what they’ve been finding and scoring on. So that is just what we are going to do! Probably one of the most famous questions regarding eBay is “what things should I sell on eBay”? Well, we already talked about Starbucks City Mugs, but here are some other BOLO (be on the lookout) items to keep in mind when you go pickin’. But don’t forget to do your homework… just beacuse they are selling good now doesn’t mean they will still be doing just as well when you find them a few weeks from now. Don’t forget to research to make sure that you are making a good investment. Now lets go pickin’!

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Big Hug Mug

This item came to our attention a few months ago and it looks like it still sells for good money today. From looking at sold items on eBay, it appears that there are some mugs that are lighter in color and not worth quite as much as the vibrant yellow and red mug, so watch out for those.

The reason for it’s popularity? The Big Hug Mug appeared in the HBO show True Detectives where Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) uses it as an ashtray during ongoing interrogation scenes.

If you find one of these famous mugs in very good condition, you could get $20-$30 for it! Check out these sold Big Hug Mug listings on eBay.

Mr. Coffee Cocomotion

Just in time for this holiday season! Mr. Coffee’s Cocomotion machine whips up frothy hot chocolate in minutes! And it looks like people are willing to pay good money to get their hands on one.

From the results of sold items on eBay, you should be able to get anywhere from $20-$40 dollars for a used unit (especially with the original box) or $40-$60 for new units! I’d say that’s a pretty good pick… grab it if you can find it!

Remington Tight Curls Hot Rollers

Personally, we had hits and misses with hair curlers. But it looks like these sell consistently for decent money. If you find that you are missing pieces, you may consider parting out the unit. One person got $20 just for the clips! Also, if you are selling a used unit, it would be a great selling point to clean the rollers with alcohol and state that you’ve done so in the listing.

The used units sell for $25-$45 and new units sell for $60-$80… DO NOT leave these behind if you see them! 🙂

Giorgio Armani Neck Tie

eBay Bolo men's neck ties

This is actually an item that we recently sold and we’re very excited about! We sold this Giorgio Armani tie for $29.99 (and it sold within a week of listing it)! SCORE! Something that we believe helped this tie be so successful was the brand, it was made in Italy, and it was 100% Silk. Looking at sold items, the prices range from cheap to expensive, but if you have good pictures and a good description there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to get a good price for one of these ties.

So what’s your favorite BOLO? Please share your scores in the comments…

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