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eBay Q&A: How to Increase Sales on eBay?

Check out this great question about how to increase sales on eBay that we recently saw on one of our favorite eBay seller Facebook groups, Stay at Home Moms Selling on eBay, moderated by Suzanne A. Wells.

There are a lot of opinions out there, but the members of this group gave a lot of ideas and we think you’ll find helpful too!​

The responses that this question received were very good!

Check out the great responses below.

Also, we’d love to hear what you have to say!

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I have had 6 items up for sale for almost two months now and still haven’t sold anything yet I just posted two more items.Am I doing something wrong?I now have 8 items up for sale.Anything that I can do to make my items sell faster?I have 30 day return policy and calculated shipping.

Tiffany C.

List more. – Amy O.

List LOTS more. Look for things around your house you can sell, hit a couple of garage sales, go to a thrift store or two. Source more, list more, sell more. – Cathy S.

Look at similar items that have sold and figure out what’s different between the 2 listings. – Gail W.

It does seem to take a while to get the ball rolling, so don’t get discouraged for once it does you start to enjoy seeing sales more regularly, so yea, what Amy said; just list and as the number of listing grows; so do the sales. I would encourage you to watch ebay sellers on youtube that will educate you on what is selling well, how to source, how to list better, take better pictures and use keywords in your title and even in what order to put the words in your title. Little by little you will get more experience and start hearing the cha-ching. Now that’s a beautiful sound, so don’t give up. – Kitty A.

If you are trying to build a business, it will take more than putting a few things up for sale. You need to develop a focused strategy.

If you ask 100 sellers you will get 100 answers, but the boilerplate recommendation is:

  1. List DAILY for SEO.

  2. Build up to 250 listings at all times – this seems to be the magic number where you will see consistent sales

  3. Make sure listings are optimized for SEO and mobile

  4. Offer a diversity of items

  5. Use fixed 30 with BO and international direct shipping on EVERYTHING

  6. Understand this is a marathon not a sprint. But you have to work the business every day for a consistent 90 days (minimum) to see results.

– Suzanne A. Wells

Our Opinion on How to Increase Sales on eBay

We certainly know what it’s like to have a bunch of items listed and it get stuck in the black eBay abyss! Especially as of recent, it’s not uncommon to go 2 or 3 days with no sales.

You can check out our blog post, eBay, Where Are You?!? What to Do When Sales are Slow, to read some of our ideas.

Recently we’ve noticed an uptick in sales by listing different types of items (like Suzanne suggested on #4 of her comment above). We’ve been known to sell mostly clothing and accessories and we think that eBay is getting a little bored with our selection.

However, we’ve recently come across some different items that are a little more random and outside of the clothing niche. After listing these “different” items, we went from sporadic sales to selling three per day for a few days straight now. And, it wasn’t just the new items selling… we sold some of the older clothing items that we’d had listed for months.

Don’t take this as a science… it’s just a trend that we’ve noticed. Try mixing things up a little and see if it helps you too! Let us know in the comments if it helps you or doesn’t make a difference.

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