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eBay Selling Tip: Take Clear & Up Close Pictures

Here are four great tips for taking clear and up close eBay pictures that will help your items sell and reduce the number of customer complaints.

In this day and age, people are looking at pictures more than reading descriptions.

This is why it’s so important that your pictures are clear and detailed so that there is no reason for the buyer to question what they are buying.

For example, buyers are not going to read your description that talks about all the flaws in your item… make sure you have a picture showing the flaws.

Below are our top 4 favorite tips for taking clear and up close pictures of your eBay items to help them sell faster!

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1. Use Natural Light

Make sure you have good lighting. Natural light is best.

Find a room with a lot of windows and take pictures with your back to the windows.

2. Proper Cropping

Crop photos so the item is front and center.

Eliminate background distractions by cropping images as close as possible.

3. Details. Details. Details

Show every detail. Take a picture of every angle possible. This way your buyers can see everything.

eBay gives you 12 pictures, use as many of them as possible.

4. Best Background

Use a neutral, solid color background.

Buy white and black foam poster board from the dollar store to use as a backdrop for smaller items.


We highly recommend using your smartphone with the eBay app to take pictures and list your item. However, if you don’t have a smartphone or prefer a camera, we recommend using the FujiFilm Finepix s4300. We’ve used this camera and the picture quality is great!

You can read more about this camera on our blog titled,

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