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LetGo Reviews: Everything You Need to Know for Success

When it comes to selling anything online or through an app like LetGo, reviews become pivotal to buyers and sellers. Buyers want to know they are purchasing from a reputable seller. Sellers want to know they’re not going to be scammed by a buyer.

So how do you get reviews on LetGo? The best way to get reviews on LetGo is to provide excellent service. Be kind and communicate well. Make sure your listings are an accurate representation of the item you’re selling. If the transaction goes well, simply ask your buyer to leave you a review.

If you’re trying to build up a reputation as a good seller on LetGo, getting positive reviews will help you quickly do that. There might be a lot of people selling the same types of items you are, but if your reviews are better, people will choose.

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4 Ways to Get People to Leave You A Review on LetGo

Give people exactly what they expected. When your buyer shows up to see the item in person and purchase it, make sure they will be receiving the item exactly as it appeared on LetGo. This means be sure to clearly show pictures of the item, including the flaws. In addition to showing pictures of the flaws, makes sure to describe them in the pictures. This way if they don’t see the flaws in the pictures, it’s also described in written form. Also, clearly describe what is included with the item (accessories, power cords, etc).

Go the extra mile. Giving people more than what they expected always leaves a good impression. Maybe you clean the item up really good or you include a fresh set of batteries. It doesn’t take much to impress people and make them feel like you did a little extra for them for free.

Leave them a review first. A lot of people who want to give back when you do something for them. Immediately following your transaction, you should leave them a review and a lot of times you’ll find that they will leave one for you in return. In fact, they can’t leave you a review until you leave one for them.

Ask them. The hope is that they will leave a review for you after you’ve left one for them. However, if they haven’t left you a review after you posted one for them, send them a message like this:

Hey, It was so nice to meet you today! I just left you a review. I was wondering if you’d do me a favor and leave one for me too! Hope you enjoy the __________!

Please feel free to share your favorite tips for getting reviews on your LetGo app in the comments!

How to Leave a Review on LetGo

Reviewing users is not available on the LetGo website, therefore you’ll need to do this from the mobile app.

It’s important to note that you must leave a review for the buyer before they are able to leave one for you.

To rate and review a buyer:

  1. Open your LetGo app, click the three lines in the upper left and click on “Your Listings“.

  2. Find the listing that you sold.

  3. Mark the listing as sold and select the user that you sold it to.

  4. Rate how you thought the transaction went by tapping 1 to 5 stars. Then you can leave a review of at least one word to describe your experience.

  5. Tap “Publish review” to save it.

To rate and review a seller:

  1. Once the seller has left a review for you, go to the review they wrote about you.

  2. To the right of the review, tap the three dots to open the options.

  3. Next, tap on “Review user“.

  4. Rate how you thought the transaction went by tapping 1 to 5 stars. Then you can leave a review of at least one word to describe your experience.

  5. Tap “Publish review” to save it.

How Do I Delete a Review on LetGo

Unfortunately, you cannot delete other people’s reviews of you. This can be especially frustrating if the buyer blocks you and you aren’t able to leave a reply to their negative review.

Thankfully you can contact LetGo and they will look into deleting the false review for you. There are definitely some things that LetGo needs to fix with their platform to cut back on scams.

How to Change or Edit a Review on LetGo

If you need to change or edit a review that you left for someone on LetGo, all you need to do is follow the same steps above for leaving a review. You can change your star rating and change your written review as well.

I cannot change or edit a review that someone else wrote about you. However, you can contact LetGo so they can review the situation and they may delete the review for you.

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