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Selling Shoes on eBay: How to Take Pictures of Shoes for Sale

A lot of people buy shoes on eBay.

That’s why it’s important to learn about selling shoes on eBay and how to take pictures of shoes for sale.

Check out these stats!

According to Terapeak, in the last 365 days, there have been approximately 266,840 pairs of shoes sold on eBay for a total of $8,804,245.86!

That’s a lot of shoes!

Terapeak is a great research tool for eBay sellers. Click here to get a free 7-day trial!

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How to Sell Shoes on eBay & Make Lots of Money

The easiest way to learn how to sell shoes on eBay is to simply look at sold listings and see what is working for other sellers.

You can do this by going to, type “shoes” in the search bar, scroll down and pick “Sold” at the bottom of the left-hand column.

Now you can scroll through the recently sold shoes and see what other sellers are doing. Look at their pictures, titles, descriptions, brands, etc. to see the differences between the low dollar vs. high dollar sales.

How to Take Pictures of Shoes to Sell on eBay

Part of successfully selling shoes on eBay is making sure you have great pictures that show any flaws as well as all the features of the shoes.

Again, you can check out other sellers for how to take pictures of shoes to sell to but here are a few pointers for you to consider.

Use All 12 Pictures

eBay gives you 12 pictures to use on every listing. Use as many of them as possible.

Here is an example of some shoes that we currently have listed on eBay. We took a picture of every angle possible. Here is a check list of angles you should get:

  1. Both shoes together

  2. Right side of shoe

  3. Left side of shoe

  4. checkToe of Shoe

  5. checkALL Flaws

  6. Heel of Shoe

  7. Top of shoe (showing laces or buckles)

  8. Sole of show (showing any wear)

  9. checkAny tags or stamps under tongue or inside shoe

Clean Up First

Clean up any dirt, rocks stuck in the tread, and scuffs that you can get off.

On patent leather shoes, you can use a little bit of petroleum jelly to make them shine. Just put a little on a rag or paper towel and buff the shoe.

On white canvas shoes, you can use a mixture of one-part hydrogen peroxide, one-part water, one-part white vinegar and a squirt of Dawn dish soap. Spray it on a toothbrush and gently scrub. Rinse with water when finished. Be sure to only use this on white shoes… it will bleach colors.

If you have more tips about cleaning shoes, please leave them in the comments and we’ll add them to this post… we’ll give you credit for the tip, of course 🙂

Use the Right Background

Make sure to use a solid background that doesn’t clash with the color of the shoes. This is pivotal to successfully selling shoes on eBay. If the shoes are a darker color, use a white background. If they are a lighter color, use a black background.

We share our eBay picture tip for cheap solid backgrounds on our post, 15 Easy eBay Picture Tips You Can Use Today to Sell Your Items Faster. Check it out!

How to Photograph Shoes for Sale Professionally

To give your pictures are more professional feel, you could use one of these acrylic shoe stands.

This will give a department store feel to your pictures and a more professional look.

This is an easy way to learn how to photograph shoes for sale and start selling shoes on eBay!

Check out these acrylic shoe stands for selling shoes on eBay! Check them it out here!

How to Photograph Shoes for Sale

The Correct Way

A great way to learn how to photograph shoes for sale is to look at other successful eBay sellers. Here is a great example from one of the eBay sellers that we like to follow, hartsmotorscompany.

It looks like they used a lightbox and had great lighting. They photographed every angle, showed all the labels and markings inside and even showed the wear on the bottom soles.

How to Take Photos of Shoes to Sell

The Wrong Way

This is an example of the wrong way of how to take photos of shoes to sell on eBay.

This seller does not have good lighting and only took three photos. The shoes are listed as “New without box” but the heels are clearly a little deformed. They didn’t show a close up of the toe or heel so the buyer cans see if there is any wear. They didn’t show a picture of the size or any labels.

Successfully Selling Shoes on eBay: Conclusion

All in all, selling shoes on eBay really isn’t that complicated. It’s pivotal to learn how to take pictures of shoes for sale: take as many pics as possible, show all the angles, use the right background, and clean them up first.

You can even give a department store feel by using a shoe display stand and a lightbox.

We hope this article has helped you learn how to take pictures of shoes to sell on eBay!

What are your best tips for selling shoes on eBay and how to take pictures of shoes for sale? Leave a comment below.

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