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SEO for eBay Stores: Name, Description, & Categories

SEO for eBay Stores Name Desctiption Categories

Part of stepping up our eBay businesses is to open an eBay store. This give us a larger platform to market our items and reach more customers. However, by optimizing with a few simple SEO tips, we can be more effective in our marketing efforts.

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eBay Store Name

If you sell a niche product, it’s a good idea to have your niche as part of your store name. For example, if you sell cell phone parts and accessories, you might name your store Bill’s Cell Phone’s & Accessories. This may not sound very creative, and I’m sure you could think of something better, but the point is to get those keywords into your store name. It wouldn’t make sense to have a store named Bill’s Zebra Print Shop, when Bill sells cell phones… it gives no value to the store.

If you sell a variety of different types of items, like we do, you may decided to give your store a “brand name” rather than a niche specific name. In this case, we’ll want to focus more of our attention on our store description and categories.

eBay Store Description

Your eBay store description tells all about who you are and what you sell. Make sure to include important keywords that describe your items, especially if you do not sell just one niche specific item. Remember, SEO is not all about just feeding the search engine… we also want to make a connection with our customer. Don’t be afraid to make it personal, tell the buyer why you are selling on eBay. Make them feel comfortable with you as the seller.

eBay Store Categories

One of the benefits of having our own eBay store is being able to create our own store categories. This allows us to divide our items into groups in which ever way we want. We also get to name our categories however we want. This is a great place for keywords. The number one tip for this is, get specific. Use the keywords that will target your buyer. If you are selling collectible vintage board games and you know that your main buyer is looking for these items, don’t just call your category “Board Games”, call it “Collectible Board Games” or “Vintage Board Games”.

Being more specific like this is called having “long tail keywords”. Long Tail Keywords are simply longer and more specific keyword phrases that a visitor is more likely to use when searching on the internet. For instance, someone searching for vintage board games is not going to just type in “games” in the search engine. No, they will type in “vintage board games”… this is a long tail keyword.

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