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When is the Best Time to Go to Goodwill Outlet?

You may think that in order to get the best deals at Goodwill Outlet pay by the pound stores, you’ll need to go at a specific time. We wondered the same thing.

So, when is the best time to go to Goodwill Outlet? You’ll probably find that the best time to go is either when the store first opens or right before they are about to close. You also need to consider when the bins are rotated so that you can plan on strategically going when fresh merchandise is on the floor.

Every location is going to be different, so it’s difficult to give an exact time that you should plan your visit to the Goodwill bins. However, there are some time to consider that will help you determine the best time.

How to Determine the Best Time to Go to Goodwill Pay by the Pound

There are a few different things you should think about when it comes to figuring out what time you should go to the bins.

How often are the bins rotated? Some locations rotate their bins every two hours, others do it every three and a half hours, etc. The best way to find out is to go to or call your nearest location and ask them. Nothing could be worse than showing up at the outlet just 30 minutes after they rotated the bins only to have to wait another 3 hours before new stuff come out.

Finding out your store’s rotation schedule is very beneficial and will help you make the most out of your trip to the Outlet Store.

Please share your favorite location(s) and their rotation schedule in the comments. We’d love to be able to share this information with our readers to help everyone out!

When are their busy times? Some people have found that going right when they open or right before they close because there are fewer people. In our experience, our nearest Goodwill Outlet has a line outside the door every time it opens. Going first thing might not be the best option for us, but in other locations, it could be a great time. Don’t be afraid to call your location (or ask when you’re there) what their busiest times are. Going when it’s less busy will mean there is less competition for the good stuff when it comes out!

Once you know the bin rotation and the least busy times, you can make a plan for when you should go and make the most out of your Goodwill pay by the pound experience. Don’t be afraid to just ask the employees at the Outlet Store. More than likely, they will tell you exactly what you need to know.

What To Do If The Bins Are Really Busy When You Arrive

If you show up at the pay by the pound store and it’s swarming with people, it’s not a complete loss. You simply need to know how to make the most of what’s available so that you don’t end up walking out empty handed.

Don’t get a cart. When it’s that busy at the outlet, navigating with a cart is really complicated and difficult. You’ll spend more time weaving and protecting your cart than actually digging through the bins. If you end up finding so much stuff that your hands are full, you can stop and snag a cart.

Dig where no one else is digging. While it could mean that the untouched bins have been picked over, you could find some overlooked treasures. Look for things that aren’t quite as obvious… things like small appliance parts, vintage items, etc. Look for the things that no one else thinks about. These could be the most valuable treasures.

Start in the back. You may want to just start at the back of the room and work your way to the front. A lot of people start with the closest bins to the door and go back. Try to be different than everyone else and head for the back of the room.

Visit multiple times. If you want to get to know the place and how it runs, you’re going to have to visit more than just a couple times. You’ll get to know the regulars, the rotation schedule, the employees, and the busy times.

Give Yourself Time to Dig

No matter what time you plan on heading to the outlet store, you should plan on giving yourself some time to get in and dig. Once you know the rotation schedule, you’ll be able to plan your day around picking at the Goodwill Outlet.

You should plan on having a couple hours to dig at he bins. Try to stay long enough for at least 2 rotations or at the very least one. If you can go multiple time a week, maybe you only stay for one rotation. You should make a regular schedule based on what works best for you and the optimal time to be at the outlet store.

If you can get help, you should try to bring at least one other person along with you. They can help watch your cart or even help you go through more bins than just one person can hit.

Related Questions

Does Goodwill Outlet take credit cards? Some Goodwill Outlet store take credit cards while others don’t. You’ll need you to contact your local store to find out exactly what payment methods they take.

Do Goodwill Outlet stores sell furniture? Yes, almost all Goodwill pay by the pound stores sell furniture. However, furniture is not sold by the pound. It will be steeply discounted and have a much cheaper price than at normal Goodwill stores.

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