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Where to Buy Used Clothing By the Pound

There are a lot of people who like to purchase used clothing to resell. The problem is figuring out where to buy used clothing by the pound so they can get it as cheap as possible.

So where can you buy used clothing by the pound? There are a lot of liquidators and textile recyclers who sell used clothing by the pound but you’re subject to whatever they give you. Finding a pay by the pound store near you is a better option so that you can have more control over the clothing you get.

There are various pay-by-the-pound stores that have a large variety of clothing that you can resell for profit!

Buy Clothing by the Pound at These Thrift Stores

There are quite a few pay by the pound thrift stores across the country where you can find great deals on clothing to be resold on eBay and/or Poshmark.

Goodwill Outlet

The Goodwill Outlet is probably one of the most popular because they have the most stores throughout the country. Almost all Goodwill Outlet stores have separate bins just for clothing which you can sort through.

Pricing varies at every store but you won’t normally pay anymore than $1.50 per pound. Some stores charge a different price for clothing than other items, you’ll want to contact your nearest store to find out how they work.

Salvation Army Pound Store

At the time this article was written, there is only one Salvation Army Pound store in the country (located in Clinton Township, Michigan ) and one store in Chicago that offers pay by the pound one time per week.

The majority of items at the Salvation Army pay by the pound store are clothing and they are dumped onto tables every 15 minutes.

Pricing at the Salvation Army pound store are really cheap!

  1. $1.29 per pound if you buy 5 pounds or less

  2. $1.09 per pound if you buy 6-10 pounds

  3. $0.99 per pound if you buy over 11 pounds

  4. $3.00 per pair of shoes

Some special sales have charged $1.00 per pound just for clothing items only.

Flamingos Vintage Pound

Flamingos currently has three locations in the United States with more coming in the future. They specialize in selling vintage clothing by the pound which can be very profitable on eBay and Poshmark.

The unique thing about Flamingos Vintage Pound is instead of items being randomly thrown in bins or on tables, everything is still hung on racks like traditional thrift stores. The only difference is instead of paying a set price for each piece, you pay for all items by the pound.

The Garment District

Located in Cambridge, MA, The Garment District is a clothing only pay by the pound thrift store.

Their prices are really cheap at just $2.00 per pound every day except for Friday where it’s discounted to $1.00 per pound. This is a great deal!

To read about more pay by the pound stores in the United States, check out our post “114 Thrift Stores That Sell By The Pound”.

Pros and Cons of Buying Clothing at Pay by the Pound Stores

You can find a lot of places to find clothing being sold by the pound. Just do a quick Google search for “where to buy used clothing by the pound” and you’ll see a lot of results.

The scary thing about going with one of these companies is you usually have to buy many pallets or bales at a time and you have no idea what you’re getting. They might say “high end brands” but what condition are they in? How do you know you won’t end up with a bunch of junk you can’t sell?

At pay by the pound thrift stores, you can sort through and only buy the clothing pieces you know will sell. However, this also takes more time. It’s quicker to have a bunch of clothing delivered to your house or shop.

Also, you might spend a lot of time digging through worthless items. There is probably only about one good piece for every four pieces you pick up. This can be frustrating, but that’s what it will take to find what you want.

On the otherhand, most people don’t have the space or time to sort through pallets and bales of clothing. By buying your items at pay by the pound stores, you can purchase as much as you can handle at one time.

79 Clothing Brands to Resell on eBay or Poshmark

Whether you’re just getting started with selling clothing on eBay and/or Poshmark, here is a great list of name brands to watch for that sell well. Keep in mind that some of these brands sell great for some people and not so great for others. If you know of other brands that could be added to this list, please share in the comments!

​Abercrombie & Fitch American Eagle Ann Taylor Anthropologie August Max Woman Banana Republic Bebe Benetton Bob Mackie Benetton Calvin Klein Carole Little Carhartt Chico’s Dana Buchman DKNY Dockers Eddie Bauer Elisabeth (the Plus-Size division of Liz Claiborne) Esprit Evan Picone Express Hot Topic Lucky Jeans Diesel Lululemon Lularoe

Miss Me Eileen Fisher Seven For All Mankind J. Crew J. Jill Jones New York Lands’ End Lane Bryant Le Suit Levi Strauss L.L. Bean Maggie London Mudd Nike Perry Ellis Phat Farm/Baby Phat Quacker Factory Ralph Lauren Rampage Rena Rowan Sean John Susan Bristol Talbots Rampage CAbi Versace

​Harley Davidson Koi Tori Burch Tommy Bahama Tommy Hilfiger Alfred Shaheen Brighton Brioni Burberry Chanel Dolce & Gabbana Emilio Pucci Escada Fendi Hermes Issey Miyake Jean Paul Gaultier Kate Spade Lilly Pulitzer Louis Vuitton Manola Blahnik Mark Jacobs Misook Moschino Prada St. John

Related Questions

How do Goodwill Outlet Stores work? Items that remained unsold at Goodwill retail stores for 4-6 weeks are transferred to outlet stores where they are liquidated by the pound in hopes of sell the items before sending them to recyclers and salvage. Read more about it here.

Does Salvation Army have a pay by the pound stores? Salvation has a pound store in Michigan that sells clothing by the pound every day. They also have a regular family thrift store in Chicago that offers clothing by the pound one day per week. You can read more about Salvation Army pay by the pound stores here.

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