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10 Garage Sale Negotiation Tips

Would you rather try and survive a zombie apocalypse than negotiate a deal?

Never fear your top 10 Garage Sale Negotiation Tips are here. It is no uncommon for most to feel a bit awkward or hesitant when considering negotiating for a better price but as a reseller, you are leaving money on the table if you don’t try and get those items at rock bottom prices. To help you along, I offer these tips …

1.) Engage in small talk.

When preparing to negotiate with a seller, I like to start off by feeling out the mood. As I shop I will say hello and drop a question like … “been busy today?”. By doing this I am not only creating a bit of rapport with the seller but I am also getting a feel for their temperament and mood.

If it’s some crabby old man that just grunts at me then I know I will have my work cut out for me if I am going to make a deal. However if they offer back a friendly “oh it’s been kind of slow”, then bingo I got them right where I want them.

2.) Don’t be afraid to throw out a dollar amount.

People generally have garage sales because they need money and/or have too much crap. Keep this fact in mind next time you are hitting some sales. Don’t be afraid to offer the seller a reasonable offer. If you’re not sure what a reasonable offer would be, offer them half of what they are asking and let them counter-offer. Worst thing that will happen is they say no, so get over the fear and start making offers.

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