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3 Reasons NOT to Ask for Feedback from Buyers

We’ve come across many sellers who are so worked up about receiving feedback. We understand the benefits to getting that feedback built up for a better looking reputation, but putting too much pressure on your buyers to give feedback can cause adverse effects. Here are three reasons NOT to ask for feedback from you buyers:

1. No Feedback is Better Than Negative Feedback

That pretty much says it all.

Why pressure the buyer to leave feedback when you can just be thankful that they haven’t left negative feedback.

In these days, buyers can leave negative feedback for any reason, whether legit or not.

They don’t need to prove anything, or contact the seller first.

With the new eBay defect rating it’s even easier for buyers to give a bad review.

2. eBay Automatically Reminds Buyers to Leave Feedback

eBay will automatically send a reminder to your buyer after 30 days of their purchase if they have not left feedback for the item. You can find this screen in your eBay account by going to: My eBay > My Account > Manage communications with buyers.

This is one thing that eBay will actually do for us, so why waste our precious time begging buyers to leave feedback when eBay already has it under control.

3. Unnecessary Stress

Stop worrying about it! You don’t need this stress in addition to everything else you deal with in your business. Yes, feedback is definitely important! Instead of focusing on all the feedback you are not getting, start focusing on your listings, pictures, and customer service. When you improve these areas, people will want to give you feedback. You won’t have to beg them anymore. They want to share their good experience with others and praise your good work! With the people we’ve talked to in the past, they noticed that when they stopped worrying about it and started focusing on the other aspects of their business they were actually receiving more feedback then when they were worried about it.

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