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eBay Q&A: Is it Better to Relist or Sell Similar on eBay?

One question that we have definitely asked ourselves in the past was is it better to relist or sell similar on eBay?

There were a lot of great answers that we thought would be helpful to our readers!

We saw this question on one of our favorite eBay seller Facebook groups, Camp eBay Thrifters, administered by Debbie Ann.

The responses that this question received were very good!

Check out the great responses below.

Also, we’d love to hear what you have to say! Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


When a listing expires, do you prefer to ‘relist’ or ‘sell similar’?

Melanie H.

I always relist. I find the advantages are: anyone watching the item will get a notice it has been relisted and it will also show them if you’ve lowered the price. I always lower the price after 30 days, even if it’s a little bit. – Valerie G.

I used to relist anything that had watchers and sell similar anything else however now with the new sale rules if you sell similar you have to wait 14 days to run a sale on those items. – Alicia V.

I always do sells similar tweak the ad if needed. This gives it a new ID number like a new add and you get farther up in the listings. – Debbie S.

If there are followers, offers, or prior sales on a multi quantity, always relist. You retain followers, past sales, and rank higher on eBay search for positive customer engagement. – Mark B.

Our Opinion on Is it Better to Relist or Sell Similar on eBay?

We used to sell similar everything in hopes that eBay would not recognize that the item had been relisted over and over and over again!

Now we switch back and forth, we will relist once and then sell similar the next time. However, we learned a few new ideas from reading the comments above. It makes sense that you would relist items that had watchers, offers, or prior sales on a multi quantity. This is something we’ll definitely have to try!

Share your strategy in the comments! We’d love to hear if you think it is better to relist or sell similar on eBay!

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We want to see your’s too! Share your latest eBay listing in the comments below!

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