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How to Automatically Share New eBay Listings to Twitter

You may have wondered how your can promote your eBay listings on twitter to get more exposure for your items.

If you can build a following on twitter with your own personal brand, you’ll have a great avenue for sharing your eBay listings.

Also, we can’t forget to mention that social media in general is all free advertising!

The only problem is, keeping up with social media can be time consuming.

We’ll show you exactly how to do it below!

Quick and Easy Way to Share your eBay Listings on Twitter

You can effortlessly share your newly listed eBay items to twitter using a free service called IFTTT (which stands for If This Then That).

The first thing you need to do is set up a free IFTTT account.

Next, you’ll need to set up your Twitter connection. If not prompted, click on your username in the top right and then click on “Services.

Then, search for and click on “Twitter”. Once you’re on the Twitter page, click on the “Settings” button and proceed with connecting your Twitter account.

Once that is done, come back here and click this link to get the Applet… Automatically Tweet Your Newly Listed eBay Items.

You will need to first click the “Turn On” toggle and then you’ll be ready to set up the applet.

Once you have the applet turned on, you’ll be directed to a page with 2 sections to edit. The first box to change is labelled “New feed item”… this is where you will put your eBay RSS fee URL.

The URL below is the RSS feed you’ll need, only change the part that says YOUREBAYIDHERE to your actual eBay user ID. It must be your eBay user ID, NOT your store name.

You can then paste this RSS feed URL into the box labelled “New feed item”.

The second box is labelled “Post a tweet”. You do not have to change anything in this box. By default your tweet will include the title of your eBay item and the link to that item. If you would like you can add hashtags to this box or customize the text with something such as “NEW LISTING”.

Lastly, click the “Save” button and you are all set. Everytime to post a new listing, including relists and sell similar items, your listing will automatically get posted to your twitter account.

You will save so much time and, with a decent sized following, should see an increase of views on your eBay listings!

Let us know how this works for you in the comments below!

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