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eBay Q&A: Is it Possible to Be a Full Time eBay Seller

We recently saw this question about becoming a full time ebay seller.

We saw it on one of our favorite eBay seller Facebook groups, Stay at Home Moms Selling on eBay, moderated by Suzanne A. Wells.

This is a very common question for new sellers or people who are looking for ways to make money online at home.

The responses that this question received were very good!

Check out the great responses below.

Also, we’d love to hear what you have to say!

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Does EBay bring you substantial income? Not looking for number but wonder if it is possible to survive and support family by being a eBay seller.

Svetlana R.

Yes it is possible. I supported a family for 13 years straight. Took about a 2 year mini-retirement. Then worked ebay part time for 3 years and just started full time again this summer. It’s basically the only job I’ve ever had. – KC V.

My suggestion is IF you are quitting a job or do not have other means for insurance checking into insurance costs. Husband retired last year toward around mid year not thinking about MY insurance. It was quite costly for us. Then this year since we are reduced income it is being subsidized but still not cheap. Then 4 months, my Birthday! (can’t wait for this one) Will get on medicare making it cheaper. I personally would be a basket case if my only income was strictly ebay. But is possible I am sure. I personally would not have wanted us to depend solely on eBay income. If you have a spouse that’s at works then you may not have to depend on eBay income only. Also depends on your lifestyle. – VIckie S.

Definitely, but only if you approach it like a full-time job. It will require your time, dedication and professionalism. It is hard work, but definitely possible to support a family. – Vicky D.

I supplement my eBay income with side hustles (pet sitting, mystery shop, Amazon Flex) It makes me nervous only relying on one source of income. That being said my sales pay for small things like groceries, gas, park tickets. My wife is the bread winner with her corporate job. – Sandra R.

I have done eBay for 18 years . Great supplement income . I used to sell only vintage clothing then quit for a few years then came back and started from scratch . I now sell just garage yard sell finds and sometimes thrift store and estate sale finds. I also do Depop. I have a restaurant job that I work at 5 days a week I would eventually like to quit and do full time treasure hunting but not quite ready to give up the security of my paycheck just yet but I am most def going to get there some day

– Dawn M.

Our Opinion on Becoming a Full Time eBay Seller

We have been selling on eBay for many years now but have never gone more than supplemental income.

However, depending on your lifestyle, it is definitely possible. If you’re a single person or retired with minimal expenses, this is very possible for you!

There are many variables to being a full time eBay seller such as standard of living and sourcing capabilities. We’ve found that our area doesn’t have the greatest selection for thrift stores and the quality of items available for resale.

So if you want to be a full time eBay seller, calculate how much you need to live off each month and try it out before making your exit to full time eBay selling!

If you are a full time eBay seller, we’d love to hear your story! Leave a comment below!

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