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How Does Poshmark Pay You?

If you sell on Poshmark you might be wondering, how does Poshmark pay you. That’s an important question and in this article, I’ll explain how getting paid on Poshmark works.

Once you ship the item and the buyer has received it, they will need to “accept” it within 3-days of receiving it. The item has been accepted, Poshmark releases the funds to your Poshmark account and you can then withdraw it.

Continue reading to find out how Poshmark sends you money, how long does it take Poshmark to pay you, and can Poshmark send money to PayPal.

How Does Poshmark Send You Money?

Once the buyer has bought the item you can ship it to them with the shipping label provided by Poshmark. After the buyer has received the item they will need to “accept” it within 3-days. (If they do not accept it after 3-days, Poshmark automatically marks it as “Accepted”.)

When the item is marked as accepted, Poshmark releases the funds to your Poshmark account and then you can withdraw it if you like. You can also keep it in your account as a credit to use towards future purchases.

If you would rather have the cash instead of keeping the balance in your account as a credit, you can request a payout. The two methods for receiving your money from sales on Poshmark are direct deposit or a check.

How Long Does it Take Poshmark to Pay You?

It will take 3-days after you shipped the item to the buyer, then the buyer will have 3- days to accept the item, if the buyer does not receive the item in 3-days Poshmark will automatically send you the funds.

When it’s time to get the funds, you can choose either direct deposit or check to receive your Poshmark money.

Direct deposits take 2 to 3 business days and checks take 8 to 10 business days.

Can Poshmark Send Money to PayPal?

At this time there is no way to get your money from Poshmark to PayPal. The only payment methods for sellers that are currently offered is direct deposit and check.

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