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How Long Does it Take thredUP to Process Your Clothes?

When you send your clothes to thredUP so that they can sell them for you, it’s easy to get a little anxious about how long it takes them to process your clothes.

So how long does it take thredUP to process? Most people say that it takes about 3 weeks for thredUP to process your Clean Out Bag. According to the website, thredUP has over 500 process bags six days a week. They go through each item with a 12-point inspection to make sure the items meet their quality standards.

So how does the thredUP process work and how can you make money by giving them your old clothes? Great question! Here is everything you need to know.

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The thredUP Clean Out Bag Process

Maybe you have a closet full of clothes you don’t wear anymore or you’re a reseller who just needs to move some inventory. Instead of donating your stuff to a thrift store, you might as well see if you can make a few dollars.

You’re not going to get rich by giving your stuff to thredUP, but it’s a great way to liquidate what you have and see if you can earn a few dollars on the side.

So how does the process work?

1.) Order a Free Clean Out Kit

Go to and fill out the information. In the first step, they will ask you to choose an option: donate your earnings from your clothes to charity or sell your clothes for cash or credit.

In the next step, you can choose if you want standard processing (which takes about 3 weeks) or if you want to upgrade to 1-week processing for a $16.00 fee which will be deducted from you earnings. Most people stick with the free standard processing unless they have a lot of high-end items that they know will pay for the extra fee.

Once you’ve made that selection, you’ll be asked what you want to do with any unaccepted items. They will recycle them for you or you can pay an additional $10.99 to have the items returned to you. Again, most people are simply looking to get rid of their items and they were going to donate them to a local thrift store anyway. Therefore, most people chose the “recycle unaccepted items” option.

Note that they say they only accept about 40% of the average Clean Out Kit. This means, if you send in 10 items, 6 of them will be recycled or return. So take care to find items that you believe will meet all of their requirements.

In the next step, you’ll simply see an overview of their payouts. You can expect to earn anywhere from 5% to 90% of the list price. On luxury brands of over $100 list price, you can expect to make 10% more per item. The payout works like this: thredUP listing priceStandard payoutLUXE payout$14.99 or less5%5%$15 to $19.9910%10%$20 to $34.9915%15%$35 to $49.9925%25%$50 to $74.9940%40%$75 to $99.9950%50%$100 to $199.9960%70%$200 to $299.9970%80%$300 or more80%90%

In the next step, you choose to have thredUP send you a bag with a prepaid label for $1.99 or you can use your own box and print a free prepaid label. If you are already a reseller, you probably have a bunch of boxes laying around and are already accustom to printing your own labels. If that’s the case, save the $1.99 an do it yourself. Otherwise, $1.99 is a great option to get a bag mailed to you for your items.

If you choose to have thredUP send you a bag, you’ll be prompted to fill out your shipping details so they can mail it to you.

If you choose to print your own shipping label and use your own box, you might be prompted for a special free upgrade if you send in-season items.

2.) Fill Your Clean Out Bag (or box) With Your Unwanted Clothes

Remember, thredUP only accepts about 40% of the average Clean Out Bag. So unless you just want to get rid of all your stuff and don’t care how much of it is going to get donated, make sure you’re only sending the items that will actually make you money.

Here is their list of requirements for items they accept:

  1. items must be clean and washed

  2. items must be one of their 35,000 accepted brands

  3. items must be currently in style and less than 5 years old

  4. items must be free from stains, flaws, and rips or tears

  5. items must be in excellent condition

Keep in mind that thredUP will take women’s and kid’s clothing, purses, shoes, jewelry, and accessories.

3.) Ship Your Clean Out Bag Back to thredUP & Wait

You can schedule to have your carrier pick up your package at your doorstep or you can drop it off at any FedEx of USPS office.

Once thredUP receives your package, they will process it based on what you chose when your ordered your kit. It will either take 3 weeks to process your bag or, if you paid for the upgrade, it will take 1-week to process.

What Brands Does thredUP Take?

There are over 35,000 brands on thredUP’s accepted brands list. You can view the entire list here. Here is a quick snapshot of some of the most popular brands that you probably have sitting in your closest or unsold inventory.

  1. American Eagle

  2. Ann Taylor (LOFT)

  3. Anthropologie

  4. Abercrombie & Fitch

  5. Banana Republic

  6. Bare Traps

  7. Burberry

  8. Betsey Johnson

  9. CAbi

  10. Calvin Klein

  11. Coach

  12. Converse

  13. Dooney & Bourke

  14. Dr. Martens

  15. Disney

  16. DKNY

  17. Eileen Fisher

  18. Etienne Aigner

  19. Eddie Bauer

  20. Esprit

  21. Fabletics

  22. Fergalicious

  23. Fossil

  24. Francosarto

  25. Gucci

  26. Guess

  27. Gloria Vanderbuilt

  28. Gap

  29. Harley Davidson

  30. Hermes

  31. H & M

  32. Hugo Boss

  33. IKEA

  34. Ike Behar

  35. Indiana Jones

  36. Isaac Mizrahi

  37. J.Crew

  38. Jessica Simpson

  39. J.Jill

  40. Joe Boxer

  41. Kate Spade

  42. Kasper

  43. Kathy Ireland

  44. Kenneth Cole

  45. L.L.Bean

  46. Lilly Pulitzer

  47. Louis Vuitton

  48. Lucky Brand

  1. Me Too

  2. Michael Kors

  3. Miss Me

  4. Mossimo

  5. Naturalizer

  6. Neiman Marcus

  7. Nine West

  8. NYDJ

  9. Oscar de La Renta

  10. Officially Licenced items

  11. Old Navy

  12. Patagonia

  13. Pink

  14. Planet Hollywood

  15. Pokemon

  16. Ralph Lauren

  17. Ray-Ban

  18. Reebok

  19. Rock & Republic

  20. Saks Fifth Avenue

  21. Seven7

  22. Skechers

  23. St. John

  24. Theory

  25. Timberland

  26. Tommy Bahama

  27. Tommy Hilfiger

  28. UGG

  29. Under Armour

  30. Urban Outfitters

  31. Universal Studios

  32. Vera Bradley

  33. Versace

  34. Vineyard Vines

  35. Victoria’s Secret

  36. Wilsons Leather

  37. Warner Bros

  38. Worthington

  39. Weatherproof

  40. X-Games

  41. Yves Saint Laurent

  42. yu-gi-oh

  43. Zara

  44. Zena

  45. Zylos George Machado

  46. 7 For All Mankind

Related Questions

Is thredUP worth selling to? If you’re goal is to just get rid of some things that you were going to donate anyway, thredUP is a great option. Also, if you have a lot of high-end items that might be worth some money, you can definately get a good return with thredUP. However, if you want to make money reselling other thrift store items, it’s not your best option as they will probably only give you a few dollars for each item.

How do I get my money from thredUP? When you’re ready to cash out your thredUP account, you can request payment via PayPal or a thredUP Visa Prepaid Card. You will have to pay the associated PayPal fees to get your payment via PayPa. However, there are no fees to request the thredUP Visa Prepaid Card.

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