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thredUP vs Poshmark: Which is Better?

Instead of donating unneeded clothing, I decided to compare thredUP vs Poshmark to see which would be the best option for trying to resell clothes.

So which platform is better, thredUP or Poshmark? If you have the time to sell your clothing for yourself and want to make more money per item, Poshmark is for you. If you prefer to just get the clothes out of your house and make a little money in the process with very little effort, thredUP is your best choice. It all depends on your goals!

Depending on what your end goal is, the differences on thredUP vs Poshmark could be good or bad. It’s different for everyone. Here are a few things to think about when it comes to deciding if thredUP or Poshmark is the best route for getting rid of unwanted clothes.

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How Does Poshmark Work for Selling Clothes?

Poshmark in similar to eBay in that sellers list their items for sale on the platform, buyers purchase those items, and the sellers ship the items directly to their buyers.

Poshmark has a very good app where clothing sellers can very easily take pictures, describe, and price their items. The items then get posted to the sellers online “closet” where buyers can view all of the clothing pieces the seller has to offer.

When a buyer purchases your clothing item, they pay your list price plus $6.79 to Poshmark for shipping. Poshmark then emails you a pre-paid shipping label for you to put on your package and mail to the buyer. If your package is over 5lbs you’ll have to pay a label upgrade fee.

Once the buyer receives the item and accepts it within the Poshmark app, the money is released to you. The buyer has 3 days to “accept” the item after it’s been delivered before the funds are automatically released.

How Does thredUP Work for Selling Clothes?

Instead of reselling your own clothes by taking pictures, creating a listing and posting it online, with thredUP you simply send them your clothes and they pay you money.

The process is actually really simple.

  1. Order your Clean Out kit and select your kit options.

  2. Fill out your Clean Out Bag (or box) with unwanted clothing.

  3. Ship Your Clean Out Bag or Box back to thredUP and wait.

  4. thredUP will take 1 to 3 weeks to process your clothing items, depending on the kit options your selected.

  5. Unaccepted items will either be recycled or sent back to you depending on the kit options you selected.

  6. thredUP credits your account with the value of your clothing and you can withdraw the funds via thredUP shopping credit, Discover gift card, or cash out on PayPal. .

What Can You Sell on thredUP vs Poshmark?

Unlike eBay where you can sell anything and everything, thredUP and Poshmark both have specific target markets.

This is very beneficial on Poshmark because you will have confidence that the people on the platforms are looking for the items you are offering for sale. No one goes to Poshmark to look for baseball cards… they are there for clothes!

The benefits of a niche down market on thredUP is you are getting expert values for your clothing items. You don’t want a company that specializes in antiques valuing your clothing items and paying out far less then what they’re worth.


You can sell high-quality women’s and kids’ clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories from over 35,000 brands on thredUP.

Items must be:

  1. Clean, freshly washed

  2. On trend and less than 5 years old

  3. Free of tears, stains, or rips

  4. In excellent condition


On Poshmark, you can sell new or pre-owned women’s, kids’ and men’s fashion and accessories, and select home goods categories.

Listing Pre-owned Items:

Pre-owned items can be listed on Poshmark if they are clean and in good condition. All items must be clearly and accurately represented.

How Much Money Can You Make on thredUP vs Poshmark?

The amount of money you make on either platform really depends on how good the name brand is of the item you’re selling. The higher quality item, the more money you can make.

The difference between thredUP and Poshmark is on Poshmark you get to choose your selling prices. If you want to try and get top dollar, you can start there and change the price along the way to get the most possible.

When Do You Get Paid On thredUP?

On thredUP, they tell you how much your item is worth and you get what you get. This is a great option for people who have no idea what their stuff is worth and don’t have time to try and resell it.

Here is how the payouts work on thredUP:

Consignment Earnings. You’ll get a payout after your items sell. You can edit the price of your items at any time.

Upfront Payout. We’ll offer you a lower payout that’s available as soon as your items are processed. You have 7 days to accept it.

Luxe Items. You’ll receive an extra 10% payout on items sold on consignment from luxury designer brands listed over $100. All Luxe items are sold on consignment. You may adjust the price at any time. thredUP listing priceStandard payoutLUXE payout$14.99 or less5% – $0.75 or less5% – $0.75 or less$15 to $19.9910% – $1.50 to $1.9910% – $1.50 to $1.99$20 to $34.9915% – $3 to $5.2515% – $3 to $5.25$35 to $49.9925% – $8.75 to $12.5025% – $8.75 to $12.50$50 to $74.9940% – $20 to $3040% – $20 to $30$75 to $99.9950% – $37.50 to $5050% – $37.50 to $50$100 to $199.9960% – $60 to $119.9970% – $70 to $139.99$200 to $299.9970% – $140 to $209.9980% – $160 to $239.99$300 or more80% – $240 or more90% – $270 or more

When Do You Get Paid on Poshmark?

Once the buyer receives your package and has accepted the item within their Poshmark app, your earnings will be automatically deposited into your Poshmark account. Buyers have up to three days to accept the item and after that, the funds are automatically released to you, the seller.

Note that Poshmark takes a commission for each sale, which is used to ensure credit card safety and provide support from Poshmark to help create a fun, safe and ever-improving platform for our Poshers.

For every sale over $15 that is made, you keep 80% of your sale.

For any order under $15, there is a flat commission fee of $2.95.

When you list an item, you can know exactly what you’re making. Just check out the “My Earnings” section on the listing and you can see how much you will make for that sale price.

How Long Does it Take to Sell on thredUP vs Poshmark?

In some cases, it can take just as long to sell on thredUP as it might on Poshmark. It really depends on the clothing brand and how much demand there is for that type of item.

It can take 3 weeks for thredUP to process your Clean Out bag before they pay out your earnings. However, it could take that long if not longer for the same item to sell on Etsy.

You really have to weigh out how much money you hope to get out of your items and how long you’re willing to wait for it.

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