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How Much are Books at Goodwill Outlet?

There are a lot of people who love to resell books online. From Amazon to eBay, there is plenty of room for making money with books found at Goodwill Outlet.

So how much are books at Goodwill Outlet? Each store is different, some charge for them by the pound and others have a set price for them. Most stores charge by the book and their prices could be as low as $0.25 for softcovers and $0.50 for hardcovers or $1.00 per book.

We’ve never really sold a whole lot of books online, just a few here and there. But I guess a lot of people go crazy over books at pay by the pound stores.

Bring Your Book Scanner

If you find people huddled around the books bin with their phones out, they’re most likely scanning the barcodes to see if the books are worth anything on Amazon or eBay.

The Amazon Seller app allows you to scan the barcode on any book (or anything else) and find out how much it’s worth and how much you’ll potentially make after fees if the book sells.

Some Goodwill Outlet Stores take a break for lunch. This is a good time to scan all the books you picked up to see if they’re worth anything. Then you can put back anything that you don’t want.

One thing to specifically keep an eye out for is textbooks. Used textbooks can be worth a lot of money and a lot of students are not afraid to order books that are used to save a little money!

There is also an app called Scoutly which looks like a great option for quickly finding the value of books. Here is the app description from the Play Store:

ASellerTool Scoutly (Formerly FBAScan) by allows you to check All Amazon items’ pricing information instantly without Internet Connection. We also offer Amazon Listing Software with FBA support. This is the best scouting app on an Android phone with the lowest price. No other apps come even close! Do not overpay $60 to get both scouting and listing from other vendors. You only pay $9.95 to get both live scouting and listing with FBA from us, the No. 1 Amazon seller solution provider for the past 10 years. Scoutly app, Googel Play Store

How to Use the Amazon Seller App to Scan Books at Goodwill Outlet

Step 1

Download the Amazon Seller app on your Android or iOS smartphone. The app is completely free.

Then you’ll need to sign in with your Amazon selling account.

Step 2

On the “Home” screen, click on the camera icon in the upper right. This will open up the option for you to scan the barcodes on the books you are researching.

Step 3

If you want to scan more than one book, make sure to toggle the “Continuous scanning” switch so that you can save time by scanning 5-10 books at once.

If you’re in low light, you can click the “Light” button in the upper right and it turns on your camera’s light.

Also, you don’t have to scan the barcode. You could also scan the cover of the book and Amazon will find the similar copies. This makes scanning even faster.

When you’re done scanning, click “Done” in the upper left.

Step 4

Review the results that the app came up with for the items you scanned. Click on the results the best match what you have.

Step 5

You’ll most likely want to select “Used” and view the prices. Make sure to compare the FBA offers vs Merchant Fulfilled. This will make a difference in how much your item sells for and how much you will profit.

Click on the top row that shows the Low Price minus fees.

Step 6

If you want to go a step further, you can check to see how much profit you’ll make. You should now see this page. At the top you can toggle between Seller Fulfilled and Amazon Fulfilled depending on your business model.

Don’t forget to input your estimated shipping cost and cost of purchase so you can have the est idea on your profit.

If it’s one you’re going to keep to resell, make sure you click the Favorite button at the bottom to save it for later.

Step 7

Listing Your Favorited Item

Go back to the “Home” screen and click on “Add a Product”. You should then see this screen where you’ll click on “Favorites”.

Click on the book that you are ready to list on Amazon.

Step 8

Listing Your Favorited Item

When you’re ready to list, click on the “List” button in the lower right.

Now you don’t have to repeat all the research you already did at the Outlet Store. Everything is saved and you just saved a whole lot of time!

If you’re a book reseller that finds books at the Goodwill Outlet, please share your thoughts and tips in the comments! Also, please share how much your Goodwill Outlet charges for books, we’d love to hear how prices range across the country.

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