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How to Effectively Determine the Right Selling Price for Your eBay Items

There is no doubt that the selling price is one of the most important factors in selling your item.

Priced too high, buyers will move on to someone who is cheaper.

Priced too low, buyers will wonder what is wrong with the item.

There are two reasons that knowing how to research sold prices on eBay is important:

  1. So that you can effectively choose the correct price for your items and sell them faster

  2. To know what things are hot on eBay and be looking for them when you’re pickin’

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It’s Not Magic, Here’s Things You Should Know

We can all come up with our own idea of what an item is worth… really just pulling a number out of thin air.

This just isn’t smart!

We have to focus on the market and factors such as:

  1. What are people willing to pay for this item?

  2. Are other eBay sellers offering free shipping?

  3. Is the item better sold on auction or fixed price?

Finding eBay Sold Prices… the hard way

(Spoiler… there’s a faster and easier way, but we’ll tell you the hard way first.)

eBay only provides 90 days of sold item data for users to view. You can sort sold listings by the following factors:

  1. Price + shipping: lowest first

  2. Price + shipping: highest first

  3. Price: highest first

ebay sort listings

Therefore, by sorting the sold listings you can see the highest and lowest prices for your item.

Using this method, determining average selling prices can be difficult and time consuming, especially if you deal with multiple types of items.

Plus, since eBay only provides 90 days of sold listings results, its difficult to see real data for seasonal items.

There has to be a better way, right!?

Save Time and Sell More

Yes, there is a better way to do eBay research!

Many eBay sellers may have heard of a company called Terapeak.

Here’s the deal…

Terapeak has many features that will help you research and list faster, including:

  1. 365 days of eBay listing data

  2. Find the hottest products on eBay and how they are performing

  3. Analyze and optimized your active listings to see where improvements can be made

  4. Identify your competitors and analyze their strategies, products, sales, etc.

  5. Analyze trends

terapeak product search

Some other really cool features with Terapeak include the ability to save research data, history, strategies, etc. assigned to each of your products.

Put away your pen, paper, and calculator! Terapeak will keep all your saved searches so you can refer back to it at any time.

You’ll also be able to find relative keywords for your eBay items that you can use in your titles and descriptions to optimize for greater sale potential.

This is highly beneficial to your eBay SEO. With Cassini, eBay’s search algorithm, it’s important to optimize your listing titles and descriptions with the keywords that buyers are using in the search box.

Want to Know the Best Part?

Terapeak offers a 7 day free trial!

So, why not give it a try?

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