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How to Effectively Use eBay’s New Bulk Listing Tool

As our online business was growing we needed to find away to make our listing process faster and more efficient.

Right about this time eBay came out with their new bulk listing tool and we were so excited!

We’ve been using it for awhile now and found that it really has made listing items faster.

There are three ways that we use the bulk listing tool:

  1. listing new items with the same item specifics,

  2. selling similar items to what we have in active listings, and

  3. bulk editing active listings.

Here’s how we do it…

New Items With the Same Item Specific

We recently invested in a large lot of men’s neck ties. The bulk listing tool was a huge time saver in listing over 600 neck ties.

In this case we clicked on “create listings” and “multiple listings”, entered the number of listings we were working on at the time, and selected all the specifics that we know would be the same for each tie.

Selling Similar Items

When we’re ready to list new items that aren’t exactly the same, we find similar items in our active or unsold, check the boxes, and click on sell similar.

For example, say we bought 2 men’s button down shirts, 2 woman’s burmuda shorts, and 4 women’s capris.

In our active or unsold listings we will check the boxes on 1 men’s button down shirts, 1 woman’s burmuda shorts, and 1 women’s capris, and click sell similar.

When the listings open in the bulk lister, we will check the box next to the bermuda shorts and click “Create a copy” to make 1 more listing (the current listing acts as one so we only need one more).

Then check the box next to the capris and create 3 more copies, so on and so forth.

We now have all the listing we need as a sell similar for the new items we have bought. When all the listings are ready to go, simply click submit and you’re done!

Editing Active Listings

Simply find the listings you want to edit (either by category or search term), check the boxes next to the item, and click on edit and edit selected items.

When all the listings are loaded in the bulk lister, check the box at the top that checks all the boxes on the page, then click on edit.

You can now choose whichever aspect of your listings that you want to edit. Save and submit and your done!

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