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How to Make Money on LetGo

Whether you have stuff sitting around that you want to get rid of or you’re a reseller who wants to make some cash on the side, LetGo is the perfect app for you!

But, how do you make money on the LetGo app? Basically, LetGo is a more techie version of Craigslist. You post pictures and the price of an item you’re selling, it is posted on the app for people in your area to see, you meet up with the buyer and sell the item. LetGo is a local only marketplace so there is no payment processing or shipping.

If you’re wanting a better way to sell your stuff locally than using Craigslist or Facebook groups, the LetGo app is the perfect option for you. However, you might still be wondering how it works.

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How Does Selling Stuff on LetGo Work?

Selling stuff on LetGo is so simple! To get an understanding of how it works, lets first see exactly what LetGo is and what the goal was in creating this app. According to the LetGo website, here is why the app was created:

We created letgo to help make secondhanding second nature by making it quicker, simpler, and more fun – and with over 100 million downloads and hundreds of millions of listings, letgo is the biggest and fastest growing app for buying and selling locally. Because listing what you don’t need with the snap of a photo and finding what you want right in your own neighborhood doesn’t just help you buy and sell more – it helps you live more. (Plus, it’s free. Free is good.) LetGo, website

Here’s how it works:

Find an item to sell. This could be something laying around your house or something you bought at a thrift store or garage sale to resell. Whatever it is, make sure its in good condition and something someone would want to buy. If you’re not sure that it’s worth selling, you can post items on LetGo for free instead of setting a price.

Post the item on the app. LetGo has some really awesome technology that tells you how much they think your item is worth. When you take you picture, the app will see what you have and tell you how much it’s worth and about how many days you can expect to see it in. Once you take the picture, LetGo will automatically put in a title, the estimate price, and the category… all based on what they saw in the picture. How cool is that! Then, you hit ‘Post” and wallah… your item is listed. It literally takes about 10 seconds!

Answer questions from buyers. Buyers can send messages to you through the LetGo app to ask questions and get more information about the item you’re selling. When you recieve a message, you will get a notification on your phone from LetGo. You are not allowed to communicate with buyers outside of the LetGo app… this helps to mitigate scams. If the buyer wants to purchase your item, you need to arrange a PayPal payment (recommended) or cash.

Set up a meeting and make the transaction. When everything is worked out, you’re ready to meet and make the transaction. You’ll tap “Let’s Meet” within the conversation and set a location, date, and time. At the meeting, allow the buyer to inspect the item, make the transaction, and go your separate ways.

How Much Does LetGo Charge to Sell?

It is completely free to sell on the LetGo app. So how does LetGo make any money? They actually have two programs that they charge for. People like you and me can list their items on LetGo completely free with the option to pay for a Featured Listing. There are three different options that will get you seen to more people depending on how much you pay.

The second way that LetGo makes money is with “LetGo Pro”. This is a program for car dealerships who pay a monthly fee to list their vehicles on the platform with multiple tiers of $100 to $1000 per month.

What Sells Fastest on LetGo

Electronics. Some electronics can be a pain to sell online and then worry about shipping and handling. Since LetGo is completely local, selling heavy and large electronics is so much easier. It’s also a great place to sell smartphones and other smaller electronics as well. Just make sure that everything is fully tested and you disclose any issues that there might be with the pieces before selling them.

Games and Gaming Systems. There are a lot of avid gamers out there who are looking for a great deal! If you want to get rid of a lot of stuff at once, list everything as a huge lot and sell a bundle of items all together.

Furniture. A lot of people can’t afford to buy brand new furniture when they need it so LetGo is a great way to sell it! In our experience, furniture is hot. Even when we’ve had a garage sale in the past and showed pictures of the furniture pieces we were selling, people would show up just for the furniture and most of it would sell in the first day of the sale.

Prom Dresses. Most people don’t want to spend a bunch of money on a prom dress that their daughter is only going to wear once. Therefore, they will look to buy something used on marketplaces like LetGo.

Baby Clothes. Baby clothes can be really expensive! Especially when they grow out of their clothes so fast. That makes it a great item to put out on LetGo. I would recommend putting them out in bundles based on gender, size, and season (for example, girls 0-3 months summer clothes).

Is Selling on LetGo Safe?

LetGo has a variety of community guidelines to keep the platform safe for both buyers and sellers. However, as with any local selling marketplace, you will have to meet face to face to handle the transaction. Here are ways to make your transaction safer and smoother.

Ask for payment via your link. Instead of getting cash or check at the meeting, ask for your buyer to send you the money via your link. It’s a really easy way for you to receive money. Simply send them you link, they input the amount you agreed upon, and send the money. Simple as that. This will help keep you from getting scammed with fake money or bounced checks.

Meet in a public place during daylight. A great place to meet is in a grocery store parking lot… you want somewhere where there will be other people around and never meet at night. Besides, you’ll want your buyer to see the item well in daylight to avoid any disputes.

Only do deals with Verified Users. Verified Users are people who have connected their Facebook, Google, email, and phone number to their account. They have also set up a profile picture and bio. Additionally, they have used LetGo to sell at least 5 items themselves. This helps LetGo verify that they are who they say they are and they are a trusted member of the community.

Trust your gut. When you’re communicating with someone via messages and something doesn’t seem right, you don’t have to make a deal with them.There are other people out there who will want to buy your item.

How to Post on LetGo

Posting items on LetGo is super super easy! Here is how it works.

1.) Download the app and create an account with Google, Facebook, or your email address.

2.) Click on the “Sell Your Stuff” button at the bottom.

3.) Select a category for your item. Most things will go under the “Other items” category.

4.) Take a picture of you item. Before you hit the shutter button, LetGo’s technology will give you an estimate of how much the item is worth and approximately how many days they expect your item to sell in. This is really cool!

5.) After you take the picture, a screen will popup with the title, price, and category already filled in for you. You can change these to be whatever you want or just keep them the same. Then click the “Post” button.

6.) Next, you’ll see this screen congratulating you for posting your item. This all took about 30 seconds to do. It’s so easy. Now you can decide if you want to post another listing pay to feature the listing you just posted. You can also go in and edit your listing by adding more details and pictures.

7.) If you decide to pay to feature your listing, you can pay to have it bumped to the top of the results. There are three different options you can pay for depending on how many people you want to see your item and for how many days.

Related Questions

How do I chat on Letgo? You can chat on LetGo by clicking the three lines in the upper left of your app and then tap on “chat”. To chat with someone about a specific item, tap the item you’re interested in and a chat box will show up on the bottom of that item where you can ask questions or get more information.

What is prohibited on Letgo? According to their communitiy guidelines, LetGo prohobits the sale of adult content, drugs and alcohol, animals, food, some services (such as legal, financial, or most medical services, among other things), spam, weapons, and other dangerous items. For a full list, please see their community guidelines page.

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