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How We Found The Perfect eBay Niche

Are you a new seller trying to find an eBay niche to sell?

Have you been selling on eBay for a while and looking for a new niche to grow your business?

In this post, I’m going to cover one of the most important aspects that led to our success – choosing the right niche to sell.

Finding the perfect eBay niche

It took us about 3 years of selling on eBay to start identifying the common patterns for great niche markets.

Once we began to realize what the most critical criteria for picking the right niche were, the road to $100k /month on eBay was paved. It became a matter of time, dedication and persistence until we hit significant success.

At first, we didn’t care about anything but the price – If I could get a product for $50 that could sell on eBay for $60, that was the perfect niche for me.

I was selling everything, from hair straighteners to fitness equipment.

Thinking of my younger (naive) self makes me smile today, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Back at the day, we didn’t have any blogs, meetup groups and support – we had to learn everything by trial and error.

Hoping that you will learn from our journey – I’m now sharing what we’ve realized about the most important criteria for choosing the right niche to sell on eBay.

Criterion #1: Choose a Niche Where You Can Add Value

I mention this concept in almost all of the posts on this blog –

Put simply – if your business doesn’t create real value, it will eventually die.

Ask yourself the following question – “If I closed my eBay business tomorrow, would there be anybody who’d miss it?”

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