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Is It Safe to Bring Kids to Pay By the Pound Stores?

One question that some pay by the pound thrift store newbies might ask is about bringing their kids with them. There are a lot of different opinions but here are some things to think about.

So, is it safe to bring kids to pay by the pound stores? Some stores can get very lively and have a lot of people so it would be a bad idea to have small children at those locations. However, other locations are more laid back and having small children would be okay. If you’re unsure, call your location ahead of time, ask about their policy and if they would recommend bringing them.

If you’re thinking about bringing your kids to a pay by the pound store such as Goodwill Outlet, here are some great tips and things to think about.

Why Most People Say NOT to Bring Kids

It’s dangerous. That the simplest, most basic answer. Some stores are worse than others, but as a whole bringing kids to pay by the pound stores is not ideal. Here are a few reasons why…

You will be easily distracted and can’t keep eyes on your kids at all times. A lot of people have reported seeing kids running through the store, pulling toys out of the bins, playing on the floor, and almost getting trampled. Not only does it become unsafe for your kids but also for the other shoppers. Another aspect is some of the workers might have colorful pasts and that’s not an environment you would want your children to have free range in.

There are knives, broken glass, sharp metals, and other dangerous things in the bins. It will be very difficult to keep curious kids from wanting to dig in the bins too. However, it can be really dangerous for a child who doesn’t understand what they should and shouldn’t touch. We highly recommend that adults wear gloves because accidents happen. It’s even worse for kids.

Sometimes fights break out. Every store is different and some are better than others, but it’s not uncommon for fights to break out over silly things. This is not an environment that children should be in as it could be dangerous for them as well, never knowing what could happen in a fit of rage.

There are a lot of germs. Another reason even adults should wear gloves (and some even say you should wear a mask). Kids are short and end up being eye level with the bins, breathing in everything. They also like to touch things and unless you follow proper hygiene, they’ll put their hands in the mouth or touch their face. There is no need to expose your kid to that atmosphere and risk them getting sick.

Some stores don’t allow kids at all. Our nearest store allows kids but they have to been accompanied by and adult at all times. I’ve heard of some stores that don’t allow any kids under the age of 16. They do this because they know it’s dangerous and it’s not a place for kids to be. Make sure you call ahead to find out the store’s policy on kids and whether or not they are allowed.

Tips If You Decide to Bring Kids

Go alone the first time. If your store allows kids, the best option would be to go alone the first time so that you can experience it for yourself. Like stated before, every store is different and some might be just fine to bring kids to while others would be a horrible place for kids. So, make the first trip solo, think about what it would be like if you had your child with you, and then decide if you want to bring then on the next trip to the pay by the pound store.

Bring a second person to help watch your kids and set up a staging area. A great idea if you must bring your kid is to have a second person who can stand off to the side with your child and the cart. This way you can go digging through the bins and then bring your finds back to the cart. The person watching your kid and cart can start looking over the items for flaws and researching them online if plan to resell. This will make things really efficient for you to make sure that your child is kept out of harm’s way.

Only bring kids who are old enough to understand the dangers and help. It can be supper beneficial to have extra sets of hands who can help dig through the bins and find treasures. However, make sure they are old enough to fully understand the dangers; reasons to wear gloves, don’t touch your face, what to do if someone nearby is starting a fight, what to do if someone is being rude to them, etc.

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