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SEO for eBay: Item Listing Titles

SEO for eBay Listing Item Titles

With all the talk and controversy about eBay’s new Cassini search algorithm, it’s easy to become frustrated and confused about how our listings are being found by buyers. It’s important not to forget basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. Here are some simple steps you can take to best optimize your listing titles so that buyers will find your item:

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Keywords are simply words or phrases that a person might type into the search bar to find your item. Make sure that your title includes all of the most important words and phrases that a person might use to find your item. Remember, you can only have 80 characters in your title, so you may need to be creative to fit all the words you want.

Keyword Placement

We have literally seconds to capture our buyer’s attention. Think about when you look at listings on eBay. Especially if it’s an item that has 100s of thousands of results, we’re only going to scan through and read a few words from the title before scrolling down to the next item. For this reason, it’s important to make the most important keyword be the first words our buyer sees. Place your important keywords at the very beginning of your listing title.

Title Style

Many people on eBay will type their listing titles in all caps. Studies have proven that writing in all caps is no longer beneficial because it doesn’t flow as well and is not as easy to read. The recommended style for titles is to capitalize the first letter of every word. See for yourself, which is easier to read?

EDDIE BAUER DRESS PANTS WRINKLE RESISTANT OLIVE GREEN FLAT FRONT SIZE 10 or Eddie Bauer Dress Pants Wrinkle Resistant Olive Green Flat Front Size 10


Lets pretend that we are going to list these new size 10 Nike shoes. Here is how we would title this listing:

Nike NEW Shoes Sneakers Blue Red White Swoosh Size 10

NOTE: The reason we put the size at the end of the listing and not at the front is because eBay provides the item specifics where buyers can drill down on what they are looking for on the left hand side of their screen. We imagine that the buyer will type in “Nike Shoes” or “Nike Sneakers” in the search bar and then get more specific by choosing their size or color in the item specific selections.

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