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Using Trello Task Management App for eBay

We recently discovered Trello for project management app and found it to be very helpful in keeping our business notes and lists organized.

It’s very easy to use and understand and we think it will really help you as well.

Trello is incredibly versatile for managing tasks, whether personally or for your work and business needs. It also works well for collaborating with other people, whether it be your spouse or an employee.

In this article we share how you can use Trello to make your life more efficient and how to keep track of your tasks.

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Table of Contents

What is Trello?

Trello is composed of boards which contain lists, filled with cards, used by you and anyone you wish to collaborate with. However, you get so much more than that. Trello has everything you need to stay organized on any project or to do list, for business or home. Trello also syncs across all your devices (desktop, iOS, android, and kindle), so your list can be with you where ever you are at.

Using Trello for Project Management

It is super simple to use Trello for project management by creating boards, lists, and cards that meet your specific goals and needs.

To start, simply create a board with a specific topic for your project.

For example, you could create an “eBay Tasks” board. Like this….

trello create board

Next, you could create a board for “To Do” and a board for “Done”.

trello create list

Once your list is created you can add cards to each list. On a card, you can add comments, upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels and due dates, and more.

trello create card

From this point on, you can do whatever you need to make life easier and tasks more effective.

You can also invite people to join your boards if you are working together. For example, this works great for us since we are running our eBay business together. Since we are all on the same board, we can see what tasks need to be done and what tasks have already been completed. When one person completes a task, they simply drag that card to the “Done” list and everyone else knows that it has been completed.

Another nice feature is that you can start a discussion with comments and add attachments to each task. Mentioning a member in a comment via the @ symbol will notify that person that you have left them a comment.

And best of all… it’s FREE, now and forever. (They do have a paid version if you are a super user and need more capabilities.) With the free version you can create as many boards, cards, and add as many people as you want.

How to Use Trello Task Management for eBay

Ever run across something and think to your self, “I better write that down or I’ll forget” ? We do that A LOT! Instead of sticky notes and pieces of paper all over the place, we now have one central location to keep all our notes. Trello makes task management simple and effective.

For example, here are some ways to use Trello for eBay:

Outline your goals – We all know that goals are important for running any business. Keeping them in a place where they are easy to find and remember is just as important. Make a list with your weekly, monthly, and/or yearly goals. Then create a list where you can move all the goals that you have accomplished. By the end of the week, month, or year you can look back and find out how much you have gotten accomplished.

trello goals list

Track your inventory costs – Since Trello has a mobile app, you can take it with you where ever you go. Often when going to garage and estate sales, we forget how much we spent on an item. Trello is the perfect place to record the item and how much it cost so we’ll remember when we’re pricing it to sell.

trello inventory list

Write down upcoming changes – We all know the headache and struggle when eBay changes something or USPS shipping rates increase. Often these things don’t happen immediately so having it written down in a quick place to remember is important. With Trello, you can also send an email into one of your boards or insert a web link.

trello don't forget list

Keep a list of items to look for – Many of us are on Facebook groups or somewhere online where people share their finds and scores. Create a list in Trello so that you won’t forget what to look for while you’re pickin’.

trello bolo list

You Can Easily Incorporate Trello into Your Life too!

If you like to stay neat and organized, Trello is one tool that you are likely to use every single day an for everything. Since it seamlessly syncs with all your devices, you can literally use it anywhere. It’s so fast, you can make one change on your phone and instantly see it updated on your computer.

Basically, instead of writing down all your notes and things to remember, just open up Trello and type away. With unlimited storage for free, how can you go wrong?

trello mobile app

The Trello Mobile App

Trello has mobile applications for iPhone and iPad, Android, and Kindle.

Some key features of the Trello mobile app include the ability to attach photos or docs straight to a card when you’re on the go. Want to remember the price per pound that the Goodwill Outlet or prices at the thrift store? Snap a picture and attach it to the card on your “Thrift Prices” board.

Also, if you are working with another person, real time notifications on mobile mean you can respond to comments or questions even when you’re not in front of your computer.

Ideas come and go so don’t miss the important ones. Jot them down in Trello when you’re at your desk, or when you’re thrifting.


The Trello Desktop App

You can also log in to Trello through your web browser (supported on Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer). If you are on Windows 8 or Windows 10, you can download the Trello App to your computer and use it without logging into the browser each time. It’s just as simple and easy to use as the browser and mobile app versions.

The Benefits of Trello Gold (Premium Version)

While Trello promised to always have a free version, they do have a premium version that has a few more features. Here is what you get with Trello Gold versus what you get for free:

trello gold

We would love to hear if you try out Trello, what you think and what you use it for. This software truly is versatile and can be used for anything so there are lots of ideas and ways to make life easier with Trello!

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