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What is Goodwill Outlet World?

Goodwill Outlet goes by so many different names across the country that it can be difficult to know if Goodwill Outlet World is the same as other Goodwill Outlet stores or different.

So what is Goodwill Outlet World? Goodwill Outlet World is what all of the Goodwill Outlet Stores in Colorado are called. These locations work the exact same way as other Goodwill Outlet stores in the country; items are sold by the pound at extremely discounted prices.

Still not completely sure what Goodwill Outlet World is? Keep reading! 🙂

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  1. How Does Goodwill Outlet World Work?

  2. Goodwill Outlet World Pricing

  3. Tips for Shopping at Goodwill Outlet World

  4. Related Questions

How Does Goodwill Outlet World Work?

One of the really nice things about Goodwill Outlet World is that every store works the same. Every Goodwill Outlet World in Colorado has the same hours, prices, rules, rotation schedule, etc. so you don’t have to worry about things working differently at different locations.

The Goodwill Outlet World locations in Colorado are places where you can find all sorts of unique treasures for ultra-low prices! Items from the area Goodwill retail stores that have remained unsold for a period of time are sent to the Outlet World for the last chance at finding a home. Shopping a Goodwill Outlet World is more than just another thrift store, its an experience.

The blue bins at Goodwill Outlet World locations are rotated every 30 minutes! This will ensure that there is a constant stream of fresh merchandise on the sales floor all day long. So no matter what time of day you show up, you have a greater chance of finding that treasure you’re looking for. You can also find furniture and other large items like TVs for sale by the piece (not sold by the pound).

Another great thing about Goodwill Outlet World in Colorado is they sort their items out; clothing, books, accessories, etc. This makes it great for finding exactly what you’re looking for… if you’re only into books, you can go directly to those bins and skip all the other stuff you don’t want.

Goodwill Outlet World Pricing

Here is a great breakdown of the prices you’ll see at Goodwill Outlet World locations in Colorado. Clothing, accessories, housewares, toys, and shoes $1.29/lbGlassware and dishes$0.59/lbBooks, records, VHS tapes, DVDs, and CDs $0.49 eachSelect items (furniture, televisions, etc.)priced individually

Tips for Shopping at Goodwill Outlet World

Two are better than one. If you can find a second person to go with you, that’s two sets of eyes to look for items and watch over your cart.

Wear gloves. It’s always recommended to wear gloves while digging through items at Goodwill Outlet World. Things often get tossed and broken and it’s not uncommon to hear of people cutting themselves. Some people who like to get clothing at Goodwill Outlet World do not wear gloves so that they can feel the material. However, if you’re looking at anything else, definitely wear gloves.

Cover your cart. It’s against store rules for people to shop out of your cart, but there will always be those who try to get away with things. It’s happened to us and eventually, it will probably happen to you. To prevent a few thieves from even thinking about stealing from your cart, use a sheet or blanket to cover it. This deters people from looking in your cart and prevents theft.

Keep an eye out for missing parts. One time I found a great item but was disappointed to see it was missing a bunch of pieces. I grabbed it anyway and put it in my cart and a little while later I ran across the missing pieces in another nearby bin. Things get shuffled around a lot in the chaos and you never know when you might run across the missing parts so keep your eyes peeled.

Double check items before buying. If you see something that interests you, just put it in your cart. When you’re all through digging, or have a few minutes in between bin rotations, start looking at the items you picked up. Check for any flaws or missing parts and put back anything that you decide not to buy. If you’re not quite sure and it’s lightweight, just buy it and do more research or testing at home. You’re not loosing out on a whole lot by buying it since it’s so lightweight and cheap.

For more tips about shopping at Goodwill Outlet stores, check out our post, How to Shop Goodwill Outlet & Other Pay by the Pound Stores.

If you’ve been to the Goodwill Outlet World locations in Colorado, please leave a comment below and share your thoughts and experiences!

Related Questions

What is the difference between Goodwill Outlet and retail? Items as Goodwill Outlet Stores are sold by the pound for the most part and items at Goodwill retail stores are sold by the piece. Goodwill Outlets have much cheaper prices because they are trying to sell more quantity to liquidate items before recycling or salvaging. You can read more about the differences in our other post.

Does Goodwill Outlet accept credit cards? Most stores accept all major credit cards, but some only take cash. You’ll need to call ahead and ask you specific location. Each location is different.

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