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When Should I Leave Feedback For the Buyer on eBay?

I was out on Facebook today and I saw some people asking about when to leave feedback for buyers and I thought this was a great question.

There’s obviously a lot of different opinions…. some people don’t do it till after the buyer has left feedback for them…  some people do it right away.

When to do we leave feedback for buyers?

We always leave feedback for the buyer after we have 1) packaged it, 2) printed the shipping label, and 3) delivered it to the post office. At that point the buyer has done everything that they’re supposed to do. They paid promptly – their part is done. It’s now up to us to deliver on the sale so we go ahead and leave that feedback right away.

By doing that it makes the buyer happy that they got their feedback and so we’re hoping that kind of puts them in a “good mood” so that they’ll be more eager to want to come back and leave us feedback

There’s many different opinions and I’m not saying that there’s a right or wrong answer. We just hope that by giving the buyer their feedback that in return want to come back and give us our feedback.

That’s how we do it and so I’d love to hear what you do in the comments!

Let us know when you leave feedback for your buyers and why do you choose to do it that way?  It will be interesting to see what other people are doing so leave us a comment.

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