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5 Vintage Items That Sell Well on Etsy

A common misconception about Etsy is that you’re only allowed to sell handmade items on their platform. This is simply untrue. According to Etsy’s website, they describe their marketplace as

Etsy is a marketplace where you can sell your handmade goods, vintage items, and craft supplies directly to buyers around the world.

Etsy classifies a vintage item as being 20 years or older and you will be requested to identify why you believe the item is vintage.

Shipping can be a little tricky with vintage items to because they are normally pretty fragile. You’ll want to make sure that no damage comes to your items en route to the buyer. You might want to check out our shipping tips to get ideas on how you can safely ship your vintage items.

Unfortunately, Etsy does not allow us to view the sold items and prices like eBay does. Therefore, we have to look at what is currently listed to see what kind of value items might have.

Without further ado, here are five vintage items that sell well on Etsy.

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1. Chinese Vases

As you can see, Chinese vases are hit or miss on the value. However, if you know what you’re looking for, these can be great for resale. I suggest looking at local auctions and estate sales to find these types of pieces.

Be sure to look at the markings on the bottom to help determine the type, date, and value. If you are unsure about the piece, you could always take a picture and post it on some Facebook groups where other people might know about the piece you have.

2. Silverware Sets

These vintage silverware sets can be quite valuable on Etsy. You might also want to consider splitting your set up in selling them in smaller quantities. We’ve don’t that before and actually ended up making more money on them then if we would have sold the entire set together. You’ll want to do your research as it may very well be better to sell the whole set.

If you’re unsure what the pattern is on the silverware you found, you can use a site like Replacements, Ltd to research the pattern.

3. Floor Rugs

This is an item you definitely don’t want to pass up if you see one at an estate/garage sale or auction. They could be a little tricky to ship depending on how big the rug is. However, the price you could get for it will make the shipping hassle worth your time.

Make sure to indicate the wear and tear in your listing as most of these rugs are likely to be pretty worn.

4. Lamps

A lot of people like to find a unique lamp to set off the design on their room. Also, the vintage design style is definitely coming back! Whenever you see a unique lamp that is vintage, you should pick it up and research it. You might have a gem on your hands!

This could be another shipping nightmare! Make sure to securely wrap all breakable components.

5. Clothing

Vintage clothing can be a little difficult because a lot of the new styles look vintage. However, with a keen eye and a little research, you could come across a real treasure. The vintage clothing style is coming back and Etsy is a great place to sell!

Make sure to look for any stains, holes, or flaws and indicate them in your listing with pictures and in the description.

I’d love to hear about your favorite vintages items that sell well on Etsy! Share in the comments below!

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