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Best Selling Sports Team Merchandise on eBay

Selling sports team merchandise can be hit or miss so it’s important to know which brand and teams are the most popular. With the right merchandise, you can make quite a bit of money.

The prices in the sports apparel category are all over the place. Depending on what you have, your item could be worth $5 or $50. This is why it’s important to do good research before even buying the item. Make sure what you buy is worth your time to list!

Here are the different sports teams and apparel brands to keep an eye out for when sourcing items to resell on eBay.

Best Selling Sports Team Apparel

Many of these teams will probably change as time goes on based on their performance and popularity during the current season. However, at the time this article is written (August 2019), here are the popular sports teams.

Toronto Raptors. After winning the NBA finals in 2019, Toronto Raptors gear has become the most popular selling sports team apparel on eBay.

Dallas Cowboys. The Cowboys rank in the top five sports teams that sell the most merchandise. The bad thing about that is more merchandise often means it’s less valuable. Therefore, watch the prices carefully to make sure your item is worth reselling.

New England Patriots. The success that the Patriots have had over the last few years has gained them a lot of fans and followers. The sheer number of people who like the Patriots is enough to have a good chance of selling their merchandise.

Top Selling Sports Team Apparel Brands

There are a lot of sports apparel brands out there but combining a great team with a quality brand will set your item up for higher profitability.

Reebok. As with any brand, some Reebok items sell for higher than others depending on the item and the team. However, Reebok is another very well known brand the people buy.

Nike. Another well-known brand that many people like. Nike sports apparel appears to sell very well and have great prices! A definitely score if you can find team apparel made by Nike.

New Era. Probably more popular for their hats, but New Era also sells clothing apparel. They are worth quite a bit of money and are definitely worth research. We’ve sold quite a few New Era hats and made a nice profit!

If you want to see more items to sell on eBay, check out my Common Things to Sell on eBay article.

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