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55% of eBay Transactions are Touched by Mobile, Are Your Listings Ready?

Fact 1: 55% of eBay transactions are touched by mobile Fact 2: 99% of eBay listings are NOT mobile friendly

Scott Schenkel (eBay Chief financial officer): …at this point, the total eBay mobile volume is 44%, and the percent of GMV (Gross merchandise volume) touched by mobile is 55%. So this is obviously a larger and larger channel for us.

According to Google executive, Jerry Dischler:  “Google Is Now Getting More Searches From Mobile Phones Than Computers in some countries, such as in the US and Japan, for example.

These quotes are simply stating the well-known fact – Mobile is taking over the world as a whole , and eBay in particular.

This fact raises the question –

Are your eBay listings mobile optimized?

Unless you have specifically prepared your listings for the mobile revolution, the answer is  probably – no.

In this post, I’m going to answer three critical questions:

  1. What is the importance of mobile-optimized listings for eBay sellers?

  2. How do eBay listing descriptions work on mobile devices?

  3. How can you create mobile-optimized listings to grow your eBay business?

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