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Common Things to Sell on eBay

A key to finding success as a seller on eBay is selling items that people want to buy. Here is a list of 10 common things to sell on eBay!

So what are some common things to sell on eBay? Here are some common items you can sell on eBay; lego manuals, graphing calculators, printer ink, electronic parts and accessories, recording devices, polaroid cameras, external CD-ROM drives, old digital cameras, GPS units, and new sports team apparel just to name a few.

Check out more information about each of these items and how you can make money by selling them on eBay.

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Selling LEGO Manuals on eBay

You might be surprised to find that it’s not just the LEGOs them self that you can resell on eBay… you can even sell the manuals all by themselves.

It’s not uncommon for LEGO manuals to get tore up or accidentally thrown away so many people will want to buy the manual to put with their LEGO set.

If you either have or come across a large lot of LEGO instruction manuals at a thrift store or garage sale, you definitely want to pick it up if it’s a reasonable price. Many people are able to resell LEGO manuals in lots for decent money!

Obviously, the value of the LEGO manual will be determined by the set it belongs to so some manuals are not worth as much as others.

Some LEGO manuals to keep an eye out for are:

  1. LEGO Cafe Corner (10182)

  2. LEGO Creator Green Grocer (10185)

  3. LEGO Architecture Fallingwater (21005)

  4. LEGO Star Wars (any model)

  5. LEGO The Simspons House (71006)

  6. Vintage LEGO Manuals (any model)

  7. LEGO Instruction Manual Lots

  8. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts (4842)

Sell Used Graphing Calculator

Graphing calculators have been a pretty hot item for quite a few years. It’s usually more valuable around the beginning of the school year, but they are always worth picking up for resale.

One of the most common brands for graphing calculators is Texas Instruments (TI). We’ve had success selling these in the past and it’s an item that we always pick up and research when we’re sourcing items for eBay.

You do have to be a little careful because not all graphing calculators are as valuable as others.

You should also keep an eye out for graphing calculator lots that you can buy to resell. Many people have been able to make a lot of money by just reselling a large lot of graphing calculators. I imagine schools are probably buying them for their students to use.

Some graphing calculator brands and models to keep an eye out for are:

  1. Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus

  2. Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX II

  3. Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium

  4. Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus

  5. Casio FX-CP400

  6. Casio FX-CG10 Prizm

  7. HP 48GX

Sell New Printer Ink

We all know how expensive printer ink is, especially depending on the type and brand of printer you have. (This is one of the reasons we switched to a DYMO 4XL thermal printer for shipping labels.)

If you do a little research, you will be able to find a wholesaler who can sell entire pallets full of printer ink. This can be a huge moneymaker for you!

One word of caution though. We tried to buy a lot of printer ink and toner on once and it wasn’t clearly stated that they would not ship the ink – it was local pick up only. We weren’t about to drive from eastern Iowa to Las Vegas to pick up printer ink so we had to cancel our order.

Your best bet is to find a local wholesaler where you can go to their warehouse and see the product in person before purchasing.

Electronics Parts and Accessories

Certain electronics part and accessories can be quite valuable if you know what to look for. Things such as docks, cordless phone handsets, remotes, and more.

Corless phone handsets. We’ve sold quite a few of these in the past as well. In fact, we bought a lot of them from and was able to resell some handsets with the cradles as a lot and others sold individually with no cradles. People buy them to replace broken handsets or to add to a handset to their existing set.

Docking stations. Anytime you see some sort of docking station, you should look it up. There are docking stations for computers, iPods, cell phones, handheld scanners, digital cameras, and more.

Remote controls. Remote controls used to do a lot better then they do now but there are still some remotes that sell really well. I would stay away from universal remotes, but if you find a high-end brand you should definitely look it up. Check out remotes for more than just TVs too. DVD and VCR remotes, CD player remotes, and other unusually remotes can do very well.

Sell Microcassette Audio Recorders

Microcassette audio recorders and tape recorders are usually vintage and sought after. With the ability to record voice memos on your cellphones, these simply aren’t made anymore.

Not only should you pick up and research the audio recorders themselves, but you should also pick up the microcassette tapes that the recorders use. These can be paired with your recorder when you sell it for a higher value or you could sell them separately.

Usually, thrift stores and garage sales sell these pretty cheap because most people think “nobody uses these anymore”. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. Buyers on eBay are snatching these up!

Polaroid Cameras to Sell

We’ve sold quite a few Polaroid cameras over the past 10 years, both newer and older models.

Not only are the cameras worth some money, but you can also sell the film, bags, and other accessories.

Some models are worth more than others and there are newer models on the market now too. However, even the newer models can sell for decent money so you should still look it up if you find one.

Additionally, if you find a Polaroid that does not come with film for you to test it, simply sell it as untested. It will still sell! You may need to ask a little less since you’re selling it as-is, untested. However, you can still get a decent amount of money for it!

Some Polaroid models to keep an eye out for are:

  1. Polaroid SLR 680 SE AutoFocus

  2. Polaroid SX-70

  3. Polaroid Originals OneStep 2

  4. Polaroid 600 Taz Cam

  5. Polaroid Miniportrait

  6. Polaroid Sun 600 LMS

Selling External CD-ROM Drives

When you buy a new computer or laptop today, most of them do not come with CD-ROM drives. This is simply due to the fact that most software is now cloud-based. However, there are still people who want to run their old CD-ROM programs.

External CD-ROMs can range from cheap products from China and other higher-end brands. Therefore, you’ll need to do good research to make sure you buy a quality CD-ROM drive and not a cheap China product.

Here are some of the brands you should look for:

  1. HP

  2. Pioneer

  3. Asus

  4. Dell

  5. SCSI

  6. Yamaha

  7. LG

Get Money for Old Digital Cameras

I’m not sure what the draw is for old digital cameras, but people buy them. I don’t understand why when new versions are much better quality for not much different price. If you know the answer, please share in the comments 🙂

When looking at vintage digital cameras to resell, make sure to also look at lenses, straps, cords, and other accessories. They can all be worth money, either sold as a set or individually.

Some great models to keep an eye out for are:

  1. Fujifilm X100F

  2. Canon EOS Rebel T6

  3. Kodak DCS-560

  4. Leica V-LUX 1

  5. Nikon FM2

  6. Minolta Dimage RD 3000

  7. Nikon Kodak Professional 620

  8. Apple QuickTake 100 M2613

Get Money from GPS Units

Even with GPS now being easily accessible on our phones, people still like to buy GPS units to put in their car. If you see one of these while sourcing for eBay, be sure to look it up.

People also buy replacement radio/GPS dash units with the screen built-in. You should keep your eye out for the older versions as well as the replacement dash screens and units.

The older versions that you have to plug in will probably more likely be the ones you’ll find when you’re sourcing. Try to get as many accessories and information about the unit as you can – instruction manual, cords, etc.

Some of the best brands and models to pick up are:

  1. BMW Motorrad Navigator V Nav 5

  2. Garmin Zumo 665 Motorcycle GPS

  3. Dynavin N7 E46

  4. Rand McNally OverDryve 7 Pro T

Sell New Sports Team Apparel

Everyone is a fan of something. Anytime you find new with tag sports team apparel you should research it. New with tag items will sell faster and for more money, but that doesn’t mean used pieces won’t sell.

Make sure to keep an eye out for jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies, and other sports apparel items. Looks for appeal from the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Nascar, Olympic teams, and more!

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