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eBay Business Cards: Customized for eBay Sellers

For the sake of saving time and money, we recently decided to stop printing eBay packing slips and purchase some eBay business cards instead.

We were originally going to get some cards from Vistaprint but then we decided to look on eBay to see if anyone was selling business cards.

Here is what we found:

business cards for sale on ebay

We ordered these eBay business cards and they came back better than we expected. For the same quality and two sided printing, you would pay a lot more on Vistaprint.

Also, this seller allows you to personalize the cards for eBay user id and eBay store name. You can also select designs for standard sellers or Top Rated Sellers.

After we purchased these and told the seller what we wanted on the card, he sent a PDF proof for us to see the final draft before printing. It was really convenient!

Here is what our’s look like:

business cards for ebay sellers

The cards are glossy and are made of sturdy card stock. They look very professional.

Not only are these cards available in white like we purchased, you can also order them in black or blue.

We highly recommend this seller as we were more than pleased with the quality provided. If you would like to purchase cards like these, please see their eBay listing here.

The Advantage of Business Cards for eBay Sellers

We used to print out packing slips from eBay to include in each package with a hand written note. Not only was this taking extra paper and ink to do, it was also taking more time.

While the hand written note is a nice touch, realistically the paper more than likely gets thrown away without a second glance.

With having multiple packages to do at one time, having a nice business card to include was much more time effective.

Not to mention the paper and ink costs we had with printing the packing slip. These business cards cost $.04 each which is probably about equal to the cost of the packing slip.

So overall, with about the same cost, we’re saving time… and we all know that time is money.

Also, these business cards are nice and colorful. Something that will serve as a gentle reminder to leave us feedback and provided or eBay user ID and store name for potential repeat business.

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