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eBay Markdown Manager: How to Set up a Sale Event Markdown

The discontinued eBay Markdown Manager and has now switched over to Promotions within the new eBay seller hub. Discounting your eBay items is now called creating a Sale Event + Markdown.

This is great for when you want to offer a percentage or dollar amount off select items. You also have the option to offer free shipping on top of a discount.

With the new sale event markdown promotion, you can also establish up to 10 different discount levels. For example, you can give 50% on designer accessories and 20% off designer handbags. You’ll be able to choose which items are included at each discount level.

You can also choose which items are put on sale. You can either manually select items or set up rules where items are pulled from specific categories or filters.

Here is a tutorial on how to do that same thing as eBay Markdown Manager but through the new platform.

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How to Setup the new eBay Markdown Manager (Sale Event + Markdown)

Step 1: Go to My eBay, hover your cursor over Marketing, and click on Promotions.

Step 2: Click on the blue Create a promotion button in the upper right. Then click on Sale event + markdown.

Step 3: Choose your discount and/or discount levels. Click the blue Select items button in the lower right.

Step 4: Choose if you want to manually select items or create rules. For this tutorial, I selected items manually.

Step 5: Click the checkbox next to Exclude discounted items near the center of the screen. This removes any items that are already on sale.

Step 6: Begin clicking the checkboxes to the left of the items you’d like to put on sale. When you are finished, click the blue Confirm selections button on the bottom right.

Step 7: Review the items you selected, remove or add more if needed, and click Save and review.

Step 8: Next, choose your title (this is only for you to see, not the buyer) and select your start and end date/time. You can click Start now for start time and it will start as soon as you launch the markdown. Also, don’t forget that the time is set in PST time zone.

Step 9: Write your Sale event description (your buyer will see this) and you can change the main image if you want.

Step 10: After you’ve reviewed all your settings, click the blue Launch button to start the sale. You’ll be brought back to the Manage promotions page where you can see the status and stats of the sale you just set up.

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