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eBay Q&A: Do I Need to Send an eBay Packing Slip?

We recently saw this question about eBay packing slips in one of our favorite eBay seller Facebook groups, eBay Sellers Helping Each Other, moderated by Debbie Womack.

We had to ask ourselves the very same question a few years ago!

The responses that this question received were very good!

Check out the great responses below.

Also, we’d love to hear what you have to say!

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I have a request from buyer to include packing slip. Is it something I should be doing for every shipment? Do you normally include invoice and packing slip in your package?

Peter M.

Here are a few of the great responses from others in the group.

Only if I’m asked to do so. Waste of paper. – Angela F.

i print my packing slips, then go to the warehouse and pull items, then box them and put the packing slip in, and then buy shipping. usually 20 or so items a day. plus ebay allows you to put a note on the packing slip and it has a thank you along woth contact info for problems. – Fred H.

I’ve been selling since 2005, and I’ve never included a packing slip unless asked. – Betsy J.

I’ve only put them in big lots of where they have ordered more than one listing, like 30 action figures – Caly D.

I never include a packing slip. I do include a “thank you” business card. – Nancy B.

I do with every order order and had write a thank you on each one. – Gail W.

I always do. It’s professional. Plus, in case your shipping label gets damaged, it shows the buyer’s address. – Laura B.

Our Opinion on eBay Packing Slips

We used to print eBay packing slips and write a hand written note for our buyers. However, the more items we sold, the more time it was taking to take the extra step to print and write all those notes.

Eventually we decided to have eBay business cards printed and now we include one of those in each of our packages. This saves us much more time and still gives a personal touch.

You can read more about our eBay business cards on our blog: eBay Business Cards: Customized for eBay Sellers.

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