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How Much is a Polaroid Camera Worth on eBay

Even in this digital age, Polaroid cameras are still popular and people still buy them. In fact, Polaroid cameras (and other brands on instant film cameras) are still being made today.

Polaroid cameras sell anywhere from about $31 to $54 on eBay, depending on the model and condition. Some models aren’t worth much at all while others are worth a lot. You should research all Polaroid cameras before purchasing for resale.

Here is some more information about how to sell Polaroid cameras and which models to look for that will yield the most profit!

How to Sell Polaroid Cameras

We’ve sold quite a few Polaroid cameras in the past and have always done very well.

If your Polaroid comes with any extra accessories, be sure to include them in the listing. This could include a strap, bag, extra film, etc. This will help increase your listing price.

Also, if you have film, make sure to test the camera so that you can state in the listing that it has been tested and works. Make sure that the number advances on the back of the camera showing how much film is remaining on the roll. Also, check to see if the picture actually develops.

You can still sell your Polaroid as “untested” and make a decent amount. However, you’ll make more if you can prove that it works. If you try taking a picture and it doesn’t develop correctly. Simply state that in the listing. It could be that just the film in the camera is bad but the camera is still good.

Vintage Polaroid Cameras to Sell

Here are a few vintage Polaroid camera models to keep an eye out for because they are worth a lot of money. Some of these are worth spending $20-30 for because you can still make a lot of money reselling it at that cost.

Just make sure to take condition into account. Some of the higher dollar ones may have been in pristine condition or included other accessories.

All of the stats below are noted as of the time this article was written (August 2019). Numbers may have changed so make sure to do your own research as well.

Polaroid SLR 680

  1. Supply (number of active listings): 22

  2. Demand (number of sold listings): 77

  3. Selling range: $75 to $300

This model is HOT! With only 22 in the active and 77 in sold, that tells me there is much more demand than there is a supply which is why we see prices going so high!

Polaroid SX-70

  1. Supply (number of active listings): 1478

  2. Demand (number of sold listings): 1899

  3. Selling range: $20 to $130

This is another example where there is a lot of supply but there is more demand. You might have to wait a little longer to sell this model because there is so much supply, but it should still sell well!

Polaroid Taz Camera

  1. Supply (number of active listings): 6

  2. Demand (number of sold listings): 25

  3. Selling range: $25 to $150

If you can find this Looney Tunes Tazmania Devil camera with the box you will make a lot more money with it. However, this is another HOT item that has much more demand than supply so you should sell it fast!

Polaroid Miniportrait

  1. Supply (number of active listings): 54

  2. Demand (number of sold listings): 27

  3. Selling range: $20 to $100

If you purchase this model for resale, you’re probably going to have to wait a while for it to sell and be very competitive with your pricing. However, do to the price potential, I would still consider buying it for resale, depending on the condition.

Can You Sell New Polaroid Cameras?

Don’t let the fact that Polaroid is still making instant cameras scare you away. You can even sell the newer models for decent money… assuming your cost is low.

We found a newer Polaroid One at a Goodwill Outlet Store and we were still able to sell it quickly for a great profit!

Here are some of the newer models to keep an eye out for:

Polaroid Originals OneStep 2

  1. Supply (number of active listings): 224

  2. Demand (number of sold listings): 227

  3. Selling range: $50 to $150

The supply and demand is about 50/50 on this newer model, so you might sit on it for a while. However, due to the price point, I would still buy it for resale and be willing to wait even if it took a little extra time to sell.

Polaroid Snap

  1. Supply (number of active listings): 287

  2. Demand (number of sold listings): 373

  3. Selling range: $30 to $130

This item is like the last where the supply-demand ratio is about 50/50. However, with this camera actually being digital it is a little more unique and has great potential price-wise.

Polaroid Pop

  1. Supply (number of active listings): 37

  2. Demand (number of sold listings): 53

  3. Selling range: $20 to $100

This is another unique Polaroid product that has a decent demand versus supply. Another item that is definitely worth reselling as long at the condition merits a higher price point.

If you want to see more items to sell on eBay, check out my Common Things to Sell on eBay article.

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