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How to Find The Best Items to Sell On eBay

Check out our list of the things that sell best on eBay!

Last week I shared facts about the Top selling items on eBay. But these are not necessarily the best items to sell on eBay! In this post I’m talking about the method we used to decide which items to sell on eBay, on our way to $100K / month in revenue.

How Do We Find The Best Items to Sell On eBay

First let me explain my initial claim – eBay’s top selling items are not necessarily the best item’s for you to sell on eBay.

If you look at the list of eBay’s top selling items, these are mostly branded items with a high demand and tons of supply (sellers who offer these items for sell).

Let’s talk about an Iphone for example:

The problem with these is that there are usually very strong players you’ll be competing against, those giants will win over you in every aspect –

Lower Price – they have a stronger buying power, which means they will have stocks of 1000’s of units and will necessarily have lower prices than you. This is how BestBuy, Wallmart and the like’s can offer the lowest prices – they have enormous buying power.

Faster, cheaper Shipping – The bigger you are, the better, faster and cheaper your shipping service becomes. Large merchants have special deals with shipping services which you as a small seller cannot get.

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