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LEGO Instruction Manuals: What to Sell on eBay

One of the common things to sell on eBay is LEGO instruction manuals. These are sought after because they often get worn out or unintentionally thrown away. You might be surprised how much some of them sell on eBay for!

You could get anywhere from $20 to $100 for some LEGO instruction manuals. Other cheaper and more common sets are not very good moneymakers, but if you know what to look for, you could make a great profit!

Here are some of the types of Lego manuals to look for as well as why they are worth so much money.

Are LEGO Manuals Worth Anything?

LEGO instruction manuals can be worth some good money depending on which set it belongs to. Unless you’re planning to sell a wholesale lot of manuals, you should probably stay away from LEGO City and LEGO Friend manuals. These only sell for a few dollars each, so you’ll have to decide if they are worth your time.

LEGO instruction manuals that you should keep an eye out for are themed sets such as Harry Potter, Ninjago, Star Wars, the Simpsons, etc. You should also keep an eye out for vintage manuals and large lots because those also sell well on eBay.

Here is a breakdown of the most valuable LEGO manuals and how much they are worth.

Harry Potter LEGO Instruction Manuals

It can be hit or miss on which manuals are worth more than others, however here are a few examples of manuals that sold for a good amount on eBay. Notice that it’s better when you have a complete set of instruction books rather than selling one at a time.

Specific Harry Potter LEGO Instruction Manuals to look for include:

  1. LEGO Harry Potter Graveyard Duel (4766)

  2. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (71043)

  3. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (5378)

  4. LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle (4842)

  5. LEGO Harry Potter Forbidden Corridor (4706)

  6. LEGO Harry Potter Diagon Alley (10217)

  7. LEGO Harry Potter The Burrow (4840)

  8. LEGO Harry Potter Escape from Privet Drive (4728)

Star Wars LEGO Instruction Manuals

Star Wars LEGO instruction manuals can be very valuable! Just check out some of the examples below. Also, notice that people are selling wholesale lots of just Star Wars manuals.

Anytime you see a Star Wars LEGO set or instruction manual, ALWAYS look it up on eBay to see how much it’s worth!

Specific Star Wars LEGO Instruction Manuals to look for include:

  1. LEGO Star Wars Super Star Destroyer (10221)

  2. LEGO Star Wars TIE Interceptor (7181)

  3. LEGO Star Wars Cloud City (10123)

  4. LEGO Star Wars Star Destroyer (10030)

  5. LEGO Star Wars Trade Federation MTT (7662)

  6. LEGO Star Wars Republic Gunship (75021)

  7. LEGO Star Wars Republic Attack Gunship (7676)

  8. LEGO Star Wars Mos Espa Podracer (7171)

LEGO Technic Instruction Manuals

Another valuable set of LEGO instruction manuals are from the Technic line that are more complex and have more creative capabilities. These can be pretty valuable and should always be researched on eBay! Here are a few examples of LEGO Technic instruction manuals in the eBay sold listings.

Specific LEGO Technic Instruction Manuals to look for include:

  1. LEGO Technic Bucket Truck (8071)

  2. LEGO Technic Remote-Controlled VOLVO L350F Wheel Load (42030)

  3. LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS (42056)

  4. LEGO Technic Motorized Excavator (8043)

  5. LEGO Technic Crawler Crane (8288)

Vintage LEGO Instruction Manuals

Pretty much any vintage LEGOs are bound to be worth some money, but even if all you can find is the manuals, you have a good chance at making decent money.

If you think about it, it could be even more likely that people will search for vintage LEGO instruction manuals. Some people might have the set but have lost the instructions over the years.

Specific Vintage LEGO Instruction Manuals to look for include:

  1. LEGO Knights and Knight Castle (6010 – 6080)

  2. LEGO Astronauts & Space Vehicles (886 – 6827)

  3. LEGO Train Rail (7777)

  4. LEGO Yellow Castle (375 / 6075)

  5. LEGO Galaxy Explorer (497)

  6. LEGO Rocket Launcher (462)

LEGO Instruction Manual Lots

By grouping a bunch of LEGO manuals together, you can make a lot of money as well. Even the ones that don’t sell well by themselves, such as LEGO Friends, will still make a decent amount of money just by grouping them into a large lot.

If you want to see more items to sell on eBay, check out my Common Things to Sell on eBay article.

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