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Selling External CD-ROM Drives on eBay

Selling external CD-ROM drives on eBay has become more profitable because most newer computers no longer include CD-ROM drives. With more cloud-based software and games, people don’t need CD-ROM drives anymore.

Some people still want to use their old CD-ROM software and eBay is the perfect place to find a driver. External CD-ROM drives sell anywhere from $20 to $35, depending on condition and brand.

Here are some brands to keep an eye out for when selling external CD-ROM drives on eBay. None of these are going to be super fast sellers, you may have to hold on to them for a while, but they are worth the wait!

Pioneer CD ROM Drivers

Pioneer is a pretty popular brand and their CD-ROM drivers are worth researching and listing on eBay. You can get anywhere from $50 to $120 for one and make a decent profit.

Yamaha CD ROM Drives

Yamaha is another great brand that sells for a decent amount on eBay. The condition will play a big roll in how well your item sells so make sure to clearly describe and even test the unit, if possible.

LG CD ROM Drivers

Another popular brand, LG seems to sell well especially if you have new CD-ROMs with the box. Be sure to do your research first because there are many models that aren’t worth as much money.

If you want to see more items to sell on eBay, check out my Common Things to Sell on eBay article.

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