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Top 5 Best Things to Sell on Etsy to Make Money

Check out my top five best things to sell on Etsy to make money! Remember that the price does always have to be the highest one on Etsy.

Selling lower priced items in high quantities can be just as profitable, especially if you only have to make the product once and you can sell it over and over again.

Remember these are just a few items and what sells well for other people might not sell for you. Choose to sell something that you’re passionate about and if it doesn’t go as well as you hope, make adjustments and be creative on how you can provide a better product.

Here are my suggestions for the best things to sell on Etsy to make money!

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Crochet & Knitted Products

Crochet and knitted items sell very well on Etsy. However, if you want less cost with less work, sell patterns like the bestseller above!

The really nice thing about selling patterns on Etsy rather than the actual item is you have virtually no cost in it AND you only have to make it once. Then you can sell it over and over again and just collect a payment. Yes, the selling prices are a lot less, but your work is less too! If you want to sell something more passively, write your own crochet and knit patterns and sell them on Etsy!


Jewelry is a great niche to see in on Etsy. There are so many things you can make and personalize, which people love. Ass you can see from this best seller with almost 3300 five-star reviews. Supplies are small and can be easily stored in your home and you can sell many variations of the same product, like this necklace.

All you need to make something like this are some jewelry embossing tools and supplies, which you could get for under $100.


This is another example of a product that sells really well and doesn’t have to be physical. You can either make a template that is compatible with an app or sell files that are printable for people to make their own binders.

Again, you only have to make these once and then you can sell it over and over again. The following year, you only need to update the year if you want. It’s very simple and can be easily passive.

Home Decor Items

There are so many best selling items found within the home decor niche. One that will do great for you is vinyl lettering for walls or other things. With the right equipment, such as a Cricut machine, you can easily make a template that just needs to be reprinted every time you receive an order.


A lot of people love the idea of custom invitations that are premium quality and different than anything you find on the regular market.

You could also sell just the design in a digital file for people download and then print themselves.

Personalized items than buyers can customize for themselves are always a plus!

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