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How Much Is a Furby Worth on eBay?

Pretty much everyone remembers the popular Furby toys from the late 90s. They were very popular and very expensive! It might be nice to know what they’re worth now.

So how much is a Furby worth on eBay? The value of Furbys on eBay will vary depending on the model, condition, and age of the toy. You can get an original Furby from anywhere from $30 to $200 or more. The best way to find out how much your Furby is worth is to look at the sold listings on eBay for your model.

You never know how valuable a Furby might be, so it’s always worth looking them up when you see one or have one.

You’ll have an even better chance of getting a good price for your Furby if it comes with the original box and with the original paperwork.

Here are some great tips for researching and reselling a Furby.

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How To Determine How Much Your Furby is Worth

There are a couple different things you should think about when it comes to determining how much your Furby is worth.

Condition. You need to determine if the Furby still functions the way it originally came. Also be sure to inspect the fur to make sure there aren’t any stains and that the plastic parts are clean. You can use disinfectant wipes to clean your Furby’s ears, beak, and feet. For brushing the hair, you should use a non-plastic bristle brush to brush every part of his/her body. Be careful about using harsh stain removers to clean the fur. Start with a little water to see if that will work before moving on to harsher chemicals.

Common condition issues to look for are:

  1. Matted fur

  2. Missing eyelashes

  3. Stains

  4. Non-working

  5. Broken functions and/or sensors

  6. Missing parts

  7. Glitches

  8. Moves but no sound, mute

  9. Loose parts

  10. Issues with the battery compartment

  11. Scuffs on the plastic

  12. Sun discoloration

Contents. Does your Furby come with the original box? In what condition is the box? The value of your Furby is going to change depending on the condition of the toy itself, whether or not it comes in the box, and what the condition the box is in if it’s included.

You should also check to see if the original tag is still on the Furby and if any of the original documentation is still included in the box. Some Furbies also included little accessories such as spoons and brushes.

Research. Once you have determined the condition and contents of your Furby, its time to do some research on eBay to find out how much you can sell your Furby for.

  1. Search

Start by going to eBay and typing in “Furby” and the model number of the one you have. Click “Search”.

  1. Look at sold listings

Once you see the search results, scroll down and click on “Sold” under the “Show only” section on the left-hand side.

  1. Scroll through the results

As you’re scrolling through the page, look through the listings and find that ones that look like yours. Most models have various colors and prints, so you need to look for the ones that look like yours. Either keep a list of links to the listings that look like the one you want to sell or write down the prices so you can compare.

  1. Compare condition and contents

Since you’ve already determined the condition and contents of your Furby you can compare what you have with what is in the sold listings on eBay. This will help you to narrow down the prices even more so you can get a better idea of what your is worth.

Furby eBay Value Guide

Here is a list of the known Furby characters and their worth. The prices provided are based on the average sold price (not including shipping) on eBay from January 2018 to January 2019.

This guide should not replace your own research as the condition of your Furby will change the value. This is simply to give you an average price that will give you an idea of what your Furby could be worth.

Click on each to see current listings and prices!

Please keep in mind that a “unknown” simply means it was not found to my knowledge on eBay. This does not mean that it’s worthless, it could mean the the item is rare and has not been sold on eBay in the last year due to it’s rarity.

  1. Wolf: $36

  2. Leopard: $26

  3. Witch Cat: $34

  4. Tuxedo: $27

  5. Church Mouse: $25

  6. Snowball: $25

  7. Tiger: $28

  8. Giraffe: $23

  9. Owl: $24

  10. Dalmatian: $25

  11. Bear: $40

  12. Zebra: $23

  13. Snow Leopard: $32

  14. Lamb: $22

  15. Gorilla: $30

  16. Frog: $19

  17. Elephant: $23

  18. Flamingo: $37

  19. Ladybug: $35

  20. Dragon: $29

  21. Tie-Dye: $35

  22. Coffee: $21

  23. Bumble Bee: $24

  24. Cheetah: $21

  25. Rooster: $39

  26. Turtle: $25

  27. Kiwi: $25

  28. Sherbet: $35

  29. Koala: $33

  30. Lizard: $19

  31. Alligator: $35

  32. Blue Turtle: $33

  33. Color Change: $68

  34. Champagne: $49

  35. Tart Tangerine: $56

  36. Husky: $31

  37. Red Wolf: $47

  38. Gold Stripes: $18

  39. Banana Peel: $69

  40. Racoon: $12

  41. Juicy Grape: $46

  42. Mink: $27

  43. Puppy Dog: $13

  44. Green Bean: $23

  45. Rusty Dots: unknown (other source estimates $200-350)

  46. Blue Blueberry: $17

  47. Labrador: $200

  48. Penguin: $15

  49. Sunny Yellow: $26

  50. Mint Green: $29

  1. Baby Blue: $25

  2. Baby Pink: $26

  3. Snowy White: $24

  4. Peachy: $22

  5. Primary: $22

  6. Fresh Orange: $34

  7. Little Baby Blue: $21

  8. Clown: $27

  9. Springtime: $22

  10. Very Purple: $35

  11. Purple Stripes: $18

  12. Flower Bud: unknown (other source estimates $20)

  13. Confetti: $28

  14. Wavy Stripes: $29

  15. Blue Change: unknown (other source estimates $20)

  16. Curly: $26

  17. Sheep: $27

  18. Seahorse: $41

  19. Purple Tip: $72

  20. Coral: $36

  21. Lime Green: $27

  22. Crystal: $43

  23. Spring: $28

  24. Graduation: $23

  25. Statue of Liberty: $24

  26. Wizard: $39

  27. Millenium: $21

  28. Year 2000: $22

  29. Racing: $31

  30. Witch: $30

  31. Tropical: $51

  32. Santa: $26

  33. Jester: $43

  34. Reindeer: $38

  35. Valentine’s Day: $27

  36. Easter: $31

  37. Spring Baby: $30

  38. Royal: $36

  39. Presidential: $48

  40. Angel: $112

  41. Hi-C: $130

  42. Kid Cuisine: $222

  43. Bejeweled: unknown (other source estimates $10,000+)

  44. Parrot: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  1. Goldfish: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  2. Ocean: $32

  3. Eagle: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  4. Raspberry Swirl: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  5. Tabby Cat: $1,061

  6. Bluejay: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  7. Ocean Ripples: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  8. Snowy Owl: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  9. Coyote: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  10. Red Snapper: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  11. Lion: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  12. Gray Squirrel: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  13. Chick: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  14. Cow: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  15. Parakeet: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  16. Kitten: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

  17. Butterfly: unknown (other source estimates $200-400)

How Much Were Furbies in the 90s?

The original retail price for Furby was $35. Furbies became very popular during the Christmas of 1998 where the demand became so great that the price skyrocketed to over $100. Some even sold for upwards of $300 in newspapers and auctions. Twenty-seven million Furbies were sold in a 12-month period.

The Furby was made by Tiger Electronics as the first robotic toy that could learn from human interaction and respond.

Unless you have a rare model, the average price to sell an original 1998 Furby now is around $40 plus shipping.

Which Furbies are Worth Money?

Prototype Versions. These will be very rare to find and probably a little impossible, but they’re out there and if you can find one, it will provide you a great profit. Make sure you have documentation on this type of product if you’re planning to resell it as such.

Kid Cuisine. There are quite a few of theses seen in sold. These were made as limited time only marketing for ConAgra foods. The ones that are new in box are worth the most.

Rare Colors. Many Furbies that are in rare colors can be very valuable. Even this one which has a damaged box went for very good money.

Spanish Speaking. The Spanish speaking Furbies are considered to be rare. This one didn’t include “Spanish” in their listing title but it went for very good money on eBay.

Angel Furby. With only 10,000 of this model made for the Christmas of 2000, the Angel Furby has become very rare and therefore very valuable.

Hi-C Furbies. The Hi-C Furby was made between 1998-2002 as a special promotion for winners of a special promotion on Hi-C packaging. These Furbies have become rare and very valuable.

Are Furby Babies Worth Anything?

Furby Babies came out in 1999 and can be just as valuable as the original Furbies. Furby Babies are natably smaller than the original Furby. Additionally, they have higher voices, cannot dance, and switch to speaking English more quickly than it’s predecessor. All Furby Babies have white eyelashes and were available in 25 different colors including one special edition.

The more recent 2005 Furby Babies are not as valuable.

Pink Crystal. The pink crystal Furby is rare because of it’s color and metallic chips in its fur and eyes. Even this example says it works but is mute. The prices for damaged without the box are just as good as new.

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