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Popular Items to Resell on eBay

Part of knowing the best items to resell on eBay is knowing what is currently the most popular items to resell right now.

What are the popular items to resell on eBay? If you visit, you can see what is trending right now and also the current best sellers. By occasionally looking at the trending and bestsellers, you’ll have an idea what to look for when sourcing items to resell.

For the longest time, eBay wasn’t giving out their “most popular” or “best sellers” data. However, they’ve recently starting displaying this information for sellers to use and determine the popular items to resell on eBay. Here is how to see all this data.

Best Selling Items on eBay Right Now

When you go to, you will see their top trending items and the date in which it was triggered as trending.

When you click on a result, the first thing you’ll see the total searches for the 6 weeks leading up to when the item became a trend. For example, when I click on “Depression Glass”, as seen in the image below, eBay tells me that there were 5,480 searches in the six-weeks leading up to the trend date (June 19, 2019).

After that, you’ll see an estimate of what the item is worth with both new and used prices.

If you look at the Best Sellers page, you can see what has been selling best on eBay as a whole and by category. Unfortunately, this only gives you up to 7-days of data, but it can still be helpful if you check it frequently.

You can type in your own search terms and look for specific items to see what models and brands are selling best. You can also sort by category to see best-sellers in specific niches.

Best Selling Vintage Items on eBay

If you specialize in selling vintage items, you might want to know what is trending in the vintage niche.

To find out, go to the “Trending Now” page on and type “Vintage” in the search bar. The top three items I see at this time are Beanie Babies, Pyrex, and Vintage Christmas Ornaments.

I’m most interested in checking out the Pyrex dishes, however, the date on the trend is a few months ago so I’ll need to find out if it is still considered best selling.

So I’ll click on Pyrex and open the page. Scroll down and check out the historical sale prices for items sold over the past 90 days (excluding shipping and handling costs). The prices for both new and used seem pretty good.

Next, I’ll pull up and search for “vintage Pyrex”. The first thing I look at is the number of active listings. There are 27,305 listings in the active listings. This tells me how much supply is available on the market.

Next, I’ll look at the sold listings and see how many results are there. I can see that there are 15,156 sold results. This tells me how much demand there is for the item.

The best-case scenario is to have more in the sold than in the active listings. However, since this is a really broad term for just “vintage pyrex” I need to narrow down my search a bit to find out what specific type of pyrex I should sell.

To do this, I will sort my sold listings by “Price + shipping: highest first“. This will show me which particular vintage pyrex pieces are selling the best on eBay. Look for multiple sold results for the same item and so forth.

Here are some more best selling vintage items on eBay:

Vintage Toys. People love buying toys from their childhood! If you get your hands on some vintage toys, make sure to look them up! Some specifics to look out for a vintage Barbies, light bright pegs, Furby, and more!

Vintage Electronics. Many vintage electronics are still very valuable as well as anything that is newer. Things to look for are old CD players, VCRs, Receivers, Trimline phones, DVD players, record players, and more.

Vintage Kitchen Items. We’ve had quite a bit of success parting out vintage kitchen appliances as well as selling vintage pans and utensils. We even sold one of the sliding metal pan lids. Many people like what they had and don’t like to buy brand new (the new stuff is cheaper quality, not as good, etc) so they’ll get on eBay!

Vintage Clothes. The styles of vintage clothing are coming back and a lot of people just like to wear genuine vintage clothing. Make sure to check out estate sales and your local thrift stores as many of these pieces get overlooked.

Crafts That Sell Well on eBay

Etsy is normally the best place to sell crafts, however, there are some sellers who are having success selling their crafts on eBay. Here are some ideas:

Homemade soap. Artisan soaps made with goats milk and other organic resources can do really well on eBay. You just need to know how to market your soaps with the best keywords and draw traffic to your eBay listing.

Handmade Quilts. Although you might not get much money out of a handmade quilt compared to the time you put into it, they do sell on eBay. If you can find them at a garage or estate sale, you would likely make more money. If you’re going to make them yourself you’ll need to find the cheapest materials and figure out how to produce them in bulk.

Homemade Marbles. These are unique craft items to sell on eBay that look really cool. I have no idea how much it costs to make marbles, but I can tell you they’d be super easy to ship and take up little space in storage.

Repurposed Vinyl Records. Many people have learned how to repurpose and create fun new items with vinyl records. You could make clocks, bowls, wall decor and more from melted vinyl records! Get 30 fun ideas here!

Homemade stickers. From small stickers to put on jars to large wall decals, homemade stickers are great crafts to sell on eBay! Learn how to turn different quotes and sayings into vinyl lettering that you can make to order and sell on eBay. There is good money in selling them and they don’t cost much to ship!

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