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Sell Graphing Calculator for Cash: What to Sell on eBay

Did you know that you can sell graphing calculators for cash on eBay? Whether it’s your graphing calculator that you don’t need anymore or one you found at a thrift store, you can sell them!

Good brands and models of graphing calculators can sell for between $50 and $100 on eBay. There are some graphing calculators that are not worth reselling so make sure to pick up the best selling graphing calculators you can get.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of selling graphing calculators! If you are interested in seeing more common items to sell on eBay, check this article out!

Best Selling Graphing Calculators

Here are some of the best selling graphing calculators that you should look for when you are sourcing items to sell on eBay.

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus. Ranging from $50-$100, these graphing calculators appear to be the most popular on the market. Whether new or used, you can make a decent profit on them!

Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX II. These graphing calculators feature a color screen and are higher priced than the others. A great find if you run across one at a garage sale or thrift store. You could also watch for big sales at local stores, buy them cheap, and then sell for the MSRP.

Texas Instruments TI-89 Titanium. This calculator is a very advanced piece of technology that can calculate any problem with ease. This model has a built in algebra learning system thats helps you problem solve in symbolic form.

Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus. This calculator is perfect for anyone who is constantly problem solving and has many functions for any kind of problem. This is a graphing calculator that can handle calculus, engineering, and financial functions.

Casio FX-CP400. A stylus calculator is great for those who into newer technology. This calculator has a extra large 4.8″ touchscreen with stylus, high resolution, and a colorful display.

Casio FX-CG10 Prizm. This is a great calculator that is full of color and can find the answer to any problem. This includes color graphs, color link, and a full color LCD screen.

HP 48GX. This expandable graphic calculator is perfect for any mathematician who is busying problem solving. This calculator has 2-D and 3-D graphing capabilities as well as a built in library with over 3000 formulas.

How to Sell Graphing Calculators

Take a lot of pictures. Make sure that you show the condition of the graphing calculator by showing as many pictures as possible. If the calculator is used, make sure to show pictures of the calculator turned on.

Check the batteries. Check the battery compartment to see if there is any battery acid that leaked. If there aren’t any batteries, it might be worth the investment to purchase them so you can test and prove that the calculator works.

Ship in a USPS Padded Flat Rate Envelope. For something this valuable, I would put the calculator inside a box and then put the box inside a padded envelope from USPS. Make sure to fill with as much packing as possible (since you’re shipping flat rate, you don’t have to worry about the weight).

Sell Broken Graphing Calculators

You can even sell broken graphing calculators. I’m not sure why people buy them – maybe the use them to replace broken buttons or something – but they do sell on eBay.

Just make sure that you clearly describe in the listing what is broken and show pictures of the broken pieces.

If you want to see more items to sell on eBay, check out my Common Things to Sell on eBay article.

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