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Things to Sell Around the House for Extra Cash – <i>anyone can do this!</i>

If you need to make some extra cash quickly, you’ll be surprised to see how much stuff is laying around your house that could be sold!

Who needs to scour thrift stores and wholesale lots when you have a treasure trove right in your own house.

If you’re a minimalist (or want to be) this is a great way to get rid of a bunch of stuff without just giving it away. You might as well make a little money off of it!

All of these items could be sold in a variety of places… on eBay, Amazon, Poshmark, Etsy, Craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, the list goes on and on!

This list is obviously just the beginning. Please share your ideas of items around the house to sell in the comments at the bottom of this post!

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It’s kind of hard to believe that people still buy books since we now have ebook galore and places like Kindle, iBooks, Google Books, Audible, and various other online bookstores. BUT, they do and you can get decent money for the right books.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of books are worth absolutely nothing. You’ll need to do your research before taking the time to list them online. Here are some great types of books you should look up:

  1. textbooks (doesn’t matter the year, look them up anyway)

  2. book series sets

  3. books published within the last year or two

  4. Educational books

Amazon is a great place to sell books (after all, Amazon started as an online book store). You can use their Amazon Seller App to scan books to see how much they are worth and list them online.

Used Clothes

Most of us have way more clothes than we ever need! Go through your closet, your spouse’s closet, and your kids closet. You’ll probably find a lot of gently used clothing pieces that could be resold for decent profit.

Here is a list of the top clothing brands for resell to keep an eye out for. However, don’t underestimate the cheaper brands either. Even if you find a little flaw, indicate it in the pictures and description of your listing and post it anyway (at a discount, of course).

Gift Cards

Have you ever received a gift card from someone who didn’t really know what to get you… and then they gave you a gift card to a place you’d never eat or shop? Yep. Been there. Instead of letting it sit there, you might as well turn it into cash by selling it!


It can be a bit of a challenge to sell furniture online, but there are plenty of local options such as craigslist, OfferUp, LetGo, Facbook Marketplace, etc where you can take pictures, write up a description, and list your furniture items locally.

You could even check out some local consignment shops that accept furniture. You might not make as much but you can get it out of your house faster and make a little something off of it.

Sports Equipment

Anyone with kids in sports know that this stuff is expensive and if people can buy some things used, they often will. Whether it’s clothing, gear, workout equipment, etc, you can always find someone who is willing to buy it.

Just make sure that you clearly state and show pictures of any flaws or damage to the pieces you’re selling.

Kids Toys

The great thing about kids toys is, you don’t have to sell only new toys. People are nostalgic and like to buy toys for their kids that they grew up with too. Some will be worth more than others, but definitely look stuff up. You just never know! Stick with name brands such as Fisher-Price, Mattel, etc as those toys tend to hold their value a little better.


It’s probably not worth your time to list a bunch of costume jewelry (unless you list it as a large lot… that’s a possibility). However, if you have real gold or silver rings or chains, those could be sold. Also anything with real diamonds should be research and possibly sold.

Vintage Items

This really covers a broad range of items, but “vintage” is defined as anything 20 years or older. This could be ephemera, books, music, decor, kitchen gear, tool, toys, etc. The list is unending. Just know that if you have anything in your house that’s over 20 years old, you should look it up to see if you can sell it!

Kitchen Gadgets

We’ve sold small kitchen appliances (either as a whole or in parts), tupperware, silverware, mugs, dishes, etc. You might be surprised how much you have in your kitchen that could sell for decent money. This goes for vintage kitchen gadgets as well!


There are two things that make a purse worth looking up online – it’s a designer brand or it looks unique. Otherwise, most purses are probably not going to be worth much. Also, take not about what the purse is made of… is it genuine leather, some sort of special fiber (like wool), etc.

Video Games and Gaming Systems

Gaming systems don’t go out of style in reselling world. Yes, some games are not being played much anymore, but the people who do play them will buy them online because they are more and more difficult to find the older they get.

If you have newer games, there is a good chance someone will buy them because new games are so expensive to purchase.

Old Phones and Cell Phones

You might be surprised to see how many people have old cell phones and smartphone sitting around. You’ll also be surprised to see how much some of those phones are worth! We’ve sold some flip phones for $40-50! Even outdated smartphones have some value because people give them to their kids to use as iPods and small tablets and mp3 players.

Power Tools

Power tools are ridiculously expensive to buy new so many people will look online to buy used. You could even sell parts (such as the batteries, chargers, etc). In some cases, even the empty tool cases will sell.


Almost any name brand electronic is worth looking up, no matter how old it is. Many vintage electronics are still very valuable as well as anything that is newer. Type of electroinics that are worth looking up are:

  1. old CD players

  2. VCRs

  3. Receivers

  4. trimline phones

  5. DVD players

  6. record players

  7. digital converter boxes

  8. and many more!

Baby Gear

From bouncy seats to highchairs, breast pumps to baby toys… there are all types of baby gear items that are worth reselling online. You might have a bunch of baby items in storage and it’s time to clear it out and make space for other things. We’ve actually sold used breast pumps before for $100 so don’t under estimate the value of some things.

Crafts and Crafting Supplies

Whether you make your own handmade items that you could sell (Etsy is a great place to do that) or you have an overabundance of craft supplies that you no longer use, you could sell a lot of these things online to clear out your stash.

Old Music

Yes, that stack of old records from the 1970s could have some value. Even some old CDs could bring some money. If all else fails and you have a bunch of worthless music. see about grouping them together as a lot and selling them to crafters who will use them to make stuff.

Wedding Dress

This one could be a little hard to part with, but if you need extra cash and still have a wedding dress that’s in style, this could bring you some decent money. Make sure to include some measurements of the dress in your listing as people are sure to ask. Also, you could just consider selling it locally and giving women the opportunity to try it on before buying. Also, ask local consignment shops and bridal shops if they will take your dress or know where you might be able to see it locally.


How many of us have shoes in our closet that were worn once or twice and never again? If you haven’t worn them in over a year, it’s time to get rid of them and you might as well make some money in the process! Many designer shoes are worth a lot of money secondhand and you can easily resell them online by taking really good pictures.

Computers and Accessories

Old laptops, keywords, drives, printers, adapters, chargers, software, and other accessories are always worth researching online to see if they’ll sell. Make sure to indicate in your listing whether the units work or not, but even if they are NOT working, you might still be able to sell them.

Musical Instruments

Still have your flute from high school? If those days are over and you haven’t picked it up in forever, it might be time to sell it off and get some money for it! Many musical instruments can be worth a lot of money so pull them out of the closet and get ’em sold!!


You’re not going to get rich selling your old DVDs but a few dollars here and there is worth it when you have a large collection! Plus, they are super easy to take pictures of, list, and ship. Not much work required to get them online and out the door. If you want to get rid of them faster, you could consider putting all of them together as a large lot and liquidating them quickly.


Some artwork could be completely worthless, but someone locally might buy it because of its color and design. Other artwork should be researched because it could be worth listing online. Shipping large art pieces can be a little trick so you should do your research on how to ship large art pieces beforehand.

Board Games

Board games can be a hidden gold mine. Of course, it depends on the game and whether all the pieces are accounted for, but you might be surprised at the value some of your games have. Just makes sure that you have all the pieces and components of your game before listing. In some cases, you can seel the game as parts – maybe just the board, only the cards, the pieces, etc. You never know!

Share a crazy awesome find that you had laying around the house and sold for good money! We’d love to hear your story!

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